Trouble? Who Me? ~ Level 6, S Factor

"Pole Dancing" In the last few weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time playing more with SLY the Siren and not ISIS in my pole dancing classes. ISIS can be intense and the intensity can exhaust me. It’s easier to dance as SLY. It’s more carefree, flirty, silly and fun. Here are some of SLY’s recent adventures found in the pages of my pole dancing journal.

Trouble? Who me?

Today, I decided to forego my class assignment and dance a freestyle to express the mood I was in. I recently met a man. (Story of my life. I date like a Siren and I love like a God.) I met this man and the chemistry was pure electricity. I can’t explain it. We just connected. Today, because of that spark, because of the nature of our conversation and because I’m simply feisty, my dance was for him.

Remember, I always need a story when I dance to be fully engaged. I decided to dance to ZZ Ward’s, “Got It Bad.” (If you haven’t played it already, click play and enjoy the rest of this post.) :)

I started the dance with my back towards the chair, spike collar, tied and restraints and my hands bound, tied above my head. It was a short song and when it was all over, I don’t know if it was the boy that was bad or if it was me. There was a tension in the dance. I’d go to the chair but then back away. Something about the person in the chair was dangerous and it was probably best for me to stay away. But then the realization of who I am would happen and it wasn’t the person in the chair that was dangerous, it was me. Just who was the troubled one? It was a simple, flirtatious, fun song. But it was fun to take two minutes to physically explore what I usually think when I met one of those dangerously delicious men. At first I think, “What is he going to do to me?” Then later I ask,”What am I going to do to him? That dance was for the tension that lives between the troublemakers.

Take all the time you need.

Today, Ilov gave us a mini assignment for our freestyle dance. She wanted the chair to metaphorically ask a question and our dance was to be an answer to whatever this hypothetical question was.  I decided that the person in the chair represented someone in my life and this person simply said, “Sheena, I need more time.” Cue music and SLY emerged.

Being that ISIS is more aggressive and is always on attack mode, I decided to channel SLY. SLY is the tease and flirt anyway. This dance was my body saying, “Oh, you need more time? Oh, you need to figure some things out. Ok. Go ahead. Take all the time in the world.” But in saying that, I refused to go anywhere near the chair. I sashayed my ass all across the room. I did hip circles on the arm of another chair. I swirled around the pole as if my legs were a tongue and my body couldn’t get enough of that hard, stainless steel. “Oh, you need more time. Go ahead and take that time. While you’re figuring shit out, I’m going to go over there. And by go over there, I mean I’m going to get down on my hands and knees and I’m going to slowly saunter over there highlighting every curve of my body in this delicious, naughty crawl. And while you’re taking all that time, I’m going to take off my shorts. And this shirt? Who needs a shirt? I’ve got all the time in the world.” And that is how my dance went. It was a teasing, “Fuck you and your time. While you figure your shit out, I’m going to let me body lick every surface of this room except your body. Take your fucking time. I’ll take mines too.” Oh my. It was a good dance to dance.

I Want To Watch You Touch Yourself

You do recall when I wrote that post on masturbation, no? If not, click here.  Among different anecdotes involving masturbation, I speak about how one lover during a passionately heated moment stated, “I want to watch you touch yourself.” And being under the spell of his seduction, I did as commanded. It was among the top 10 hottest moments of my life. (Perhaps that’s a post for another day on that other blog of mine.) I got off on just watching him, watch me. He did too! On another note, it was also so fiery hot because he used that as a moment to learn every intricacy on how I touched myself. The pressure. The places. What I did. He soaked it all in. And after that moment, whenever he touched me, the heat was turned up 100 more degrees in our physical relationship. He will always be the best lover in the world, I swear.

ANYWHO. So, I wrote that post. Then we had another free style in Ilov’s class. I decided to dance to one of my FAVORITE songs EVER which incidentally reminds me of this lover so much. Oh my fucking god. So I pick the song below. Go ahead and play it!

And I decide the theme of this dance was hearing him say, “I want to watch you touch yourself.” and I had to do just that. SLY came out in full force.  I spent the entire song just letting my body touch everything. I lingered in every move and in every pulsation. I pulled my skirt off. I let my hands go everywhere. I fucked the floor pretty much. And the chair. And the pole. And myself. All of it. Ugh, it was so fucking good! I think I saw the girl sitting in the chair twitching. :-) Afterwards when receiving feedback from Ilov, she said, “It looks like you  were recounting the best sex in your life!” I smiled and agreed, “Yup, that’s what I was going for!”

 Leave Your Hat On

Just two nights ago, I danced a classic SLY dance and my body is still on a high.  The assignment this week was “Leave Your Hat On.” I ended up buying this nautical hat, which led to me wearing a stripped shirt with an anchor and two pair of tiny shorts. Don’t forget the seven inch heels as well! To go along with my nautical theme, I decided to dance to Sail by Awolnation. I love that song and have danced to it a few times before. I decided in this song, my goal was to drive the person in the chair out of their fucking mind. I really love sensually fucking with people. So I start the song in my entire getup, hat included. Although pretty soon the hat is the first to go. I intentionally had it land near the feet of the person sitting in the chair. Then I spent the rest of the song slowing, deliberately stripping out of everything. I took the longest time taking my shorts off. Even when I had them down but not off, I walked away slowly tangled in the mess of them around my ankles, just lingering there, begging to be ripped off. Finally flicked them off towards the chair too. I climbed the pole and held on with my thighs as my shirt came off. I twirled. I flew. I sailed as the song commanded. I dipped my body. I crawled.  I slid. I did it all.

I noticed the girl in the chair moving and twitching too. I could feel her energy. She wanted me to give her attention. She wanted a lap dance or some sort of physical contact. I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction. As the song ended, I sauntered back to the chair. I bent down with my ass lingering the longest. I grabbed my hat. Stood up…again letting my ass linger the longest. And then I turned my back on the chair, I put my hat on my head and walked away.  A slow, sultry, sex oozing, come and grab me walk away. It was so fucking yummy. I imagine if I had been dancing for my lover and he saw me walking away, he’d probably grab me and take me right there. :-)

After I danced, the feedback I received was, “You’re a motherfucker. You do all that. You strip all your clothes off. Then your grab your hat and walk away. That’s your erotic creature.” HA! That’s the best response to a dance ever. Damn straight, when I dance and seduce, I am a motherfucker. Don’t ever forget it!

The Aftermath

I’m grateful I have a playground to explore my sensual fantasies. I’m grateful I can take words, phrases, props and stories and create moments for myself.  I’m so grateful for the physical exertion, the energy exchange and the spiritual eroticism I get to explore. I grateful for this safe sanctuary of pleasure. I’m grateful for heels, booty shorts, hats,  and ties. I’m grateful for chairs, wood floors and ten foot poles that can hold my full body weight. I’m grateful that I have the space to let my ass take up as much room as it wants. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to linger in every pulsation of my body.


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  • Arthana

    I love these posts, but I am so jealous of them. I am a pole dancer in canada and there’s no sfactor in my city. The studio I learn at teaches tricks and not much else after the first couple levels.

    You’ve inspired me to get the SFactor DVD’s. Any tips for someone who wants the assignment/erotic creature experience at home by her lonesome?

    Thankyou so much for sharing your experiences here. I love reading about the deliciousness that is possible with pole.

  • SLY

    Hi Arthana, In regards to getting the assignments and erotic creature experience at home. First, I would get the DVD’s. They provide the basic S movements that will help set your creature free. Then next, I think you have to just start moving. Play maybe three songs in a row and just let go. Play a soft one first, something longing. Then maybe play a sassy one. Then a fire, hot, crazy ass one. And just explore the freestyle movement that happens from that. Next, I’d say based on blog post, conversations with others and your own imagination, come up with some assignments. I’ve mentioned some here that S does like being tethered to the pole, or mermaid/siren or whatever. Hmm, Studio Veena who has a vertical pole studio also gives monthly assignments that her students make videos too. It also helps to be in community with others. For example, Aerial Amy started Flight Club so that no matter your studio affliation, all women could come together to work on tricks and freestyle as well. But perhaps check out Studio Veena and the S DVD’s for your first inspiration.

  • SLY

    @Heiner, I LOVE that song! It feels good listening to it. Just bought it and will be dancing to it!

  • Sanja

    Hallo Sheena!
    Since I’ve dicovered your blog, I become a huge fan of yours. I must say, I’m mostly reading posts about S Factor. I was a student of S Factor for two years, and then our teacher changed it into something else. I live in Zagreb, Croatia, and we have been really blessed that my teacher went to America and learn S Factor from Sheila – we were the only students of S Factor outside USA. As I said, my teacher changed it a lot. When I visited New York 3 years ago I came to one S Factor class, it was Pure Dance. I cryed almost the whole class. It was everything I wanted, everything I expected, everything I was hoping for since I’ve read Sheila’s book. Before I came to New York, I danced for almost 4 years, but after New York, I just could’n go back to my classes in Zagreb. I could never evolve and grow the way I wanted to with my old teacher.
    I continue to dance, though, and since I discovered your site, your posts were and are the biggest inspiration and the best guide I could possibly have this far away from S Factor studios. You are helping me in searching and finding new levels of me, new depths. You are helping me with my erotic creatures. You’ve given me the new strength and will. Thanks to you I can continue my journey. And I started to teach this to other girls. And honestly, without your posts it would be less fun, less creative, less everything.
    So, thank you, Sheena!

    • SLY

      @Sanja. OH MY GOODNESS. Your comments and encouragement is so amazing. You just brightened my day so much and you’re encouraged me to keep writing, more frequently about S Factor. With their new system of Open Access, I’ve been taking a BUNCH of classes and I haven’t been writing as much about the journey and because of you I want to keep doing it. I wish you well on your journey as you continue dancing and as you teach others. You are such a wonderful women. I wish I was in New York at the same time you were. Next time you are, let me know so that we can take class together! I would love that! And PURE DANCE rocks! Its like soul movement!

      • Sanja

        Oh, thank you!!! You totally made my day with your answer! I hope I will come to NY next year, and if I do, I’ll let you know, so we can meet and take some classes together! You are awesome!!! Thank you!!!!

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