I Am My Sisters’ Keeper

3 Sisters

This must be one of my favorite pictures of my three younger sisters. It’s how I imagine them always. From left to right you have Bianca – 11, Dasia -1, and Hanna 7. They, along with my brother mean the entire world to me. They mean everything. They are my motivation and my inspiration. They are a part of my heart that goes beyond understanding. They hold a very important key to my sanity and soul. Yes, it goes against my mantras of Be Your Own Source. Releasing and not possessing. I get it. I do. Perhaps what I’m trying to say is that if I had to rate my life priorities and what meant the most to me, my siblings are top priority above anyone else, above any interest, any dream or anything. What does it matter that all my dreams come true, if my sister doesn’t know the depth of my love? What does it matter that I see the world, if my sister loses sight of herself? What does anything matter if my sisters are hurting and in pain? They, above anything else, matter the most. By they, I mean my brother too. I love them all equally, without reason, without limitations, without fear and with complete freedom.

I was recently looking for some gifts for all of my sisters and by gifts I mean books. It really has been the ONLY gift that I buy them. I can’t recall buying toys for them. Since before they could read, there have always been books. And if their interest is sports or cooking…being consistent to my beliefs, I find the best books on those topics. I did once buy them all iPods but they had to go through a rigorous process of accountability, outstanding behavior and self reflection before they could get that. If I’ve never shared that process, one day I will. I’ll  search through my archives first.

Back to the books, I knew immediately what I wanted for my 18 year old sister. I know her reading temperament. I know the kinds of books she just can’t put down and she’ll finish within a day. I also know the kinds of books that will push her a little further and cause her to think. I can’t tell you how awesome it is now that we’re at a place where we can read the same engaging books and then talk about it. I think she borrowed my copy of Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold a LONG WHILE back…Bianca, I want my book BACK! Despite her slow pace in returning it, I look forward to dialoguing with her about it. I also know that she’s in college and has to read 1 million pages a night so I decided on ONLY two books for her. Room by Emma Donoghue, a haunting narrative told from the perspective of a young boy and Penelope In the Divine a book on mysticism, love, sustainability and … pole dancing that will teach her lessons on meditation, femininity and channeling her source and divine purpose. I think this book will be amazing for her. bianca

I then set out to look for books for my seven year old sister. I have no clue what’s popular today and doing a google search on “Books for Seven Year Olds” yields countless images of pink and glitter and these overtop, pretty annoying topics and characters. It’s just all too much. I thought of what I wanted for my seven year old sister right now. I thought of the lessons I wanted her to learn right now and then I set out to find books on those topics. I realize I want her reading books that will spark her imagination, books that will enliven her spirit, make her smile and teach her about empowerment and her voice. I love Dr Seuss but for my little sister, I found age appropriate books on chakras. I want her to learn about her energy, about her core and her power. Therefore for Dasia, I decided on “Seven Spirals: A Chakra Sutra for Kids” by Haiber and MacDonald as well as “Exploring the Chakras” by Stinnett. She’s also awesome and the most radical seven year old ever so I also purchased, “The Daring Book for Girls” for her. dasia

Next, there’s my thirteen year old sister Hanna. After my horrible results from googling “books for seven year olds”, I knew not to google her age. Again, I thought about what I want her to focus on right now. What life lessons are important right now? Where is her head and heart at right now? What do I want her to know about herself and the world at large. I know my sister has been and continues to deal with heavy topics in school, in life and in our family and one novel that Bianca loved around her age is “Perfect” by Natasha Friend. Bianca tore through those books and I think considering Hanna’s personality, this novel will resonate with her. Hanna is also very creative and loves to express it in writing and various arts like dance and song. A little while back I bought her three Keri Smith books and I think they really feed her creative soul. Therefore, I saw it fitting to get her another one, “Finish This Book.” I think Hanna will enjoy the discovery process. For Hanna, what I also wanted was a book on mindfulness and on creating her universe. I’m still searching for the right author and the right book but I want some kind of engaging story that will teach her about transmuting and developing her thoughts, mastering herself and her emotions and the intentional use of her personal energy. If you know a book like that that a thirteen year old would enjoy, please send those suggestions my way.


As I searched for books for my sisters considering their personalities, the life lessons that I think are important for them each right now, it struck me how time continues to pass. None of them are the little baby girls that I remember. In the picture at the top they are 11, 1 and 7 and years later, they are now 18 (Bianca – middle below), 13 (Hanna – right below), 7 (Dasia – left below.) This amazes me.

the girls

What I want for them is a continued walk towards the light with each other as support. Aside from supporting each other, I want them to know their source, to be intentional about the use of their energy and to live empowered lives pursuing their passions and purpose. I love these girls. I love them so much.

I’ve maintained this for years and I doubt it changes any time soon, but I do not want children. Actually I’ve been stating this for over 15 years now. I don’t need them. The part of me that feels the need to nurture, instruct, guide and love goes to my family…my younger siblings. They get all my love. They get my support, my books and my heart.

Dear World, these are my three little sisters. Take care of them and love them. Because if you don’t, I will morph into a monster and break you in half. Love Sheena.


An Open Letter to My Heart

Happy 18th Birthday Bianca

Happy 13th Birthday Hanna

Happy 7th Birthday Dasia

Happy 16th Birthday Daniel

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