Penelope In The Divine ~ Book Response

"Sheena LaShay" A few months back I received a signed copy of T.S. Valenzuela’s, “Penelope In The Divine.” Months prior to this I happened upon her website while researching sensuality, sexuality, pole dancing, and spirituality. It was there that I found her Pleasure Manifesto. I found posts on grief that resonated with me. I found posts on lap dances, chakras and pretty much every other topic that I love. I also discovered new concepts such as the Feminine Creation Vortex. Her website was/is phenomenal to me. At the time she was also the Editor in Chief to my favorite pole dancing magazine, Vertical Art and Fitness. Her website was/is a gold mind for EVERYTHING I need. Therefore, when Theresa asked if she could send me a copy of her book to read, I most definitely agreed to it.

The best way to describe my experience with Penelope In The Divine is to say that I completely devoured the book. I couldn’t do anything else but read the book. I could NOT put it down. I did not want to put it down. I was only half way through the book and I was already tweeting that if you had to read one book this year, it was most definitely IN THE DIVINE by T.S. Valenzuela. This book IS divine.

As soon as I had the book in my hands, I glanced at the back cover. It reads, “A mystical Himalayan Kingdom, A passionate love story, The Quantum nature of the universe and….Pole Dancing?” I was hooked. Whenever my friends read the back cover their responses were there same. “This is such a Sheena book!” I was only on chapter two or three by the time my facebook status said, “T.S. wrote this book for me. This is my book. It says Penelope so that everyone can relate but it’s really the Sheena book.”

Just based on the back cover, I knew I was in for something deep. I learned Penelope the title character is a last descendent in an ancient Amazon lineage. What the what! That just peeks my interest. The back cover goes on to say, “Her one true love ignites her powers, but when he leaves, she channels those magnetic forces through pole dancing.” <– Um, have you read about my pole dancing story and where ISIS comes from? That’s the freaking story of my life. Theresa may have actually taken that exact line out of my journal! I kid you not! Then you read that she goes on to try to save the world from an evil corporation. It has something to do with technology and horrible oppressive food. Yeah, this book needs to be read.

First, let’s get into some technicalities. The book is beautifully written. Theresa has an amazing voice and her use of language is captivating, approachable & imaginative. The story is believable and relatable.  The characters are full bodied, the narrative moves at a pace that keeps my attention and every word is worth reading in the 400+ pages of this novel. Theresa is intelligent, wise and her years of personal development and keen spiritual insight are seen throughout the book.

When I read books, I sometimes ask myself, “Is this story needed? Does the world need this right now?” and Theresa’s book is one of those that I can answer with a resounding yes. On the surface level you have the story of a women discovering her power and living in her truth as she explores and lives her divine purpose. Peppered between that you have a beautiful love story, pole dancing and a sassy, fiery protagonist that I believe every woman can relate to.  Deep beneath the surface but within reach and understanding is a personal development book teaching lessons on meditation, metaphysics, spirituality and sustainability to name a few. You are learning as you read this novel. New and revolutionary ideas are being presented and yet, its a novel. I love that she did this as she wrote this book.

 My amazon review goes on to say…..

I had no idea my mind would be transformed & elevated into a higher state upon reading a novel where the heroine was a pole dancer. I knew based on the description she’s set to save the world but I didn’t realize my own consciousness would be affected too.

This book is well written. It’s a love story, its a spiritual guide and just when its starts to get intense, there are some classic comedic one liners that make you smile with joy. Theresa has written a masterpiece and I can only praise her and the world she has created for Penelope.

Read this book. Enjoy the journey. Then take action in your own life!

Whether you’re reading a chapter that deals with thought form, source energy, or femininity and power, you will find yourself within the pages of this book. You will be empowered, encouraged, inspired, motivated and delighted. There is something for everyone in this book.

Some of my favorite quotes with no context surrounding them, thus meaning you need to go read the book to find out more, are…..

Forgiveness must be a daily practice to keep solidified emotions out of the body.”

“When you know that you create your Universe, you know that you are at cause for what surrounds you. You are the master and you hold the key to change your circumstances. When you believe you are at the effect of the Universe, you are the victim. Your world is locked and someone or something outside of you holds the key. You must wait and be powerless.”

 “Thoughts are things. A thought has the ability to change your life, change the Universe – and a thought can move through time, space and matter.”

“You already have all the knowledge you need. You have simply forgotten. You must now go through the process of remembering.”

 “External compliments are a waste of time. Your inner knowing must suffice.”

 “There is no right or wrong. Good or bad. There is simply energy.”

 “There are people at the highest level of wealth and influence who believe that the average citizen cannot take care of himself or be responsible for his own thoughts or actions.”

 “Your divine purpose is squandered on your fear.” | “It is your choice to feel fear”

“The balance of the world is the balance inside of you.”

“You have the power and power is greater than force. The only thing that holds a person back from the happiness that is their birthright, is fear. …. These humans spend their life in fear, all the while missing that they are pure Source Energy and they can stop fear from coming within a mile of them if they only opened their eyes.”

 “Yes your mother, like most women, feared her sexuality and sensuality, so of course she feared yours.”

 “It’s possible to transform anything evil and release it into the light.”

When it comes down to it, I’m pretty sure the world will be saved by a pole dancer; i.e., a woman that understands and lives in her physical, spiritual & emotional power, explores her creative, feminine and sexual energy and uses her voice to exact change, revolution and freedom of expression.

To find out more about Theresa, her book and all the things that make her such an amazing woman, please visit her website, In The Divine. Also stay tuned for a three part Siren Spotlight interview series featuring T.S. Valenzuela.



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