House of Small Wonder ~ A Slice of Hipsterland

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends came to town. We decided to explore Brooklyn. One of the first places we hit up was HipsterLand, I mean Williamsburg. Williamsburg at 9AM on a Monday morning is quite inspiring, quiet and serene. Our first stop was breakfast. Somehow we ended up at House of Small Wonder, a vintage, rustic, cabin-like cafe that has become one of my favorite places in New York City.

HOSM 1 _ small
The ambiance was amazing. If I were to become a folk singer who lived near a creek, my home would look like House of Small Wonder.
HOSM 2 _ small I loved the menu and the prices were reasonable.
HOSM 3 _ small
The service was nice and friendly. The patrons were respectable.
HOSM 6 _ small
I loved every detail of this place.
HOSM 8 _ small

HOSM 9 _ small
House of Small Wonder is off the beaten path in Williamsburg. So if you want a taste of Hipsterland but without the huge crowd, I’d highly recommend stopping by House of Small Wonder. It’s just the perfect little piece of heaven.
HOSM 11 _ small

House of Small Wonder

20 Skillman Ave
(between Meeker Ave & Lorimer St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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