Negative Talk & Pole Dancing

It usually goes something like this.

Instructor: I want you all to work on your basic inverts. If you don’t have the invert yet, work on doing a controlled pull up. If your invert is easy, try it on your non dominant side.

Debbie Downer: I can’t do an invert. My body doesn’t work like that.

Sheena’s brain: OMFG. She said if you don’t have the invert to try a pull up. And if you can’t manage that, then just shake your fucking hips or do a firefly or just do something. Geez, do you know HOW MUCH these classes cost and you’re wasting precious seconds listing what you can’t do? WELL DUH, that’s why we’re in the class to learn things we couldn’t do before we joined the class. FUCKING DUH.

I leave those thoughts in my brain though.

Or it goes like this.

The instructor demonstrates ideally how a certain move is to go such as a body spiral, spinning chopper or magical levitating trick where she inverts with only her pinkie toe.

Then Debbie Downer who may just suffer from low self esteem, fear and lack of openness and is in no way an evil person then goes on to say, “I’ll NEVER be able to do it like her!”

Um HELLO! I know.

A. The instructor has been doing it for 5 years or more.

B. Everyone has their own personal style so of course you’ll NEVER do it like her. On top of that, you have a different body, different height, different strengths and so on.

C. Rather than be discouraged because RIGHT NOW you can’t do it like how, be INSPIRED knowing that with practice, dedication and a lot of core work, one day you will do your own version of that trick or spin or invert. BE INSPIRED, NOT DISCOURAGED.

Every time you say a negative or positive word, that energy floats throughout the world. It slides down your body and wraps itself up in your psyche. It touches the person next to you and the person next to them.  It adds grime or polish to the pole. Your words and thoughts on self, your ability and your perceived limitations affect the entire world.

Therefore, the next time your instructor demonstrates a move, BE INSPIRED. When they suggest you try something, just FUCKING try it. Even if you fall flat on your ass. Get back up and do it ten more times.  Do it one hundred times. Do you know how many times I’ve fallen out of a butterfly. Um, a gazillion! And I still haven’t managed a flowy, big body spiral. So what? I’m just going to keep trying!

I wish they banned the words “CAN’T”, “NO” and any other negative self talk from ALL pole classes. Not only is it bad for your well being, it also reaches out to those next to you. Sort of like second hand smoke. Women should only be allowed to speak of themselves and their abilities in a positive, life affirming way.

Well, we should be able to swear when we loose skin while doing a superman or switching legs from the scorpio to gemini. Only then is it ok to say whatever you want, even if its a nasty but good phrase like, “FUCK. THAT HURTS!”

But no more of this other funny business. STOP being Debbie Downer. I pay too much money for pole classes to listen to the world’s worst un-motivational speaker.

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