Happy Birthday Sheena ~ 2012

Happy Birthday ME!

Certain words have made reoccurring appearances in my life. I love AUTHENTICITY. I should work on more COMPASSION. I live fully in my SENSUALITY and SEXUALITY. I could always practice more MINDFULNESS. I want to always embrace my personal POWER. I can always stand to LOVE more. These words, philosophies and ways of being flow through my days. I focus on them. I live them and I breathe them.

In the last few months, I’ve learned of a new one. BODHICITTA. Bodhicitta is the awakened heart which has to do with clarity, compassion and openness/emptiness. It seems to be a manifestation of many of the themes in my life. As I approach another year of living, I want to continue practicing Bodhicitta. I want to remove the object of my emotions and simply breathe in and breathe out. I want to give myself grace for the darkness I might feel at times without judging myself and I want to share the joy that I feel.

That’s where I’m at. Right now I’m living a joyful, radiant life where everything is glowing all around me. I believe this comes about when we find balance and ground ourselves in all things that make up our Source. This happens when we live our passion and our purpose. It happens when we seek to continually develop and grow ourselves. It happens when we live in our authenticity and when we learn to shift our focus inward to live intuitively. Every day I’m practicing and living this and I feel and see my heart awakening. I am finding Bodhicitta

I never thought I’d describe my life as joyful. I like words like balance and centered-ness. What I have discovered though,  is that when my life is in complete alignment, when I find that balance, I can’t help but smile and giggle. I have been smiling a lot lately.

Today, I turn 28 years old. I am living my best life. I feel amazing. I feel like energy. I feel light all around me. I feel connected. I feel incredible, actually. I am at my strongest physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and I’m excited to know that if I want, it only gets better. The choice is yours. We live in a society where we’re told that age slows us down. We’re told that our body shuts down and we lose our memory and we’ll never be how we once was. I do believe that we continue to evolve but I believe that evolution in age can take us to new heights. I don’t believe what people try to shove down my throat. I know that with time, I have become wiser, sharper, stronger, sexier, with even more spunk than I had before.

It is an amazing time to be alive. Every day we get to choose how we will show up in this world. I want to show up fully. I want to be present and to live in Bodhicitta. I want to seek clarity and focus. I believe that comes from stillness, meditation and intuition. I want to share compassion. I believe that comes from love, understanding and grace.  I want to remain open and empty. I want to live empty and I want to die empty. I don’t want to hold or restrict or contain or keep. I am breaking myself open and tapping into my core. I’m living in gratitude.


Happy Birthday Sheena ~ 2010

What is important is now. Who is Sheena in this moment right now? How is Sheena in this moment? Is she fulfilled? Is she content? Is she at center? Living in the now is what I want to focus on. Living intentionally. Creatively. Authentically. Truthfully. Passionately. Gracefully… That is what I care about.

I’m not starting over. I’m just working on becoming more of myself each day. If these are the focus of my thoughts in every moment during my speech, actions, relationships and so forth, it leaves no room for the shadow sides. It means I’m living intentionally and that if I died at any moment, I would be ok with that last moment. I want to leave no room for the mundane and the profane. I am sacred and there is only room for holiness…with some fun and sassiness thrown in there.

Happy Birthday Sheena ~ 2011

Wholehearted Love Is Calling Me To Action.

The fact that I am alive and well at twenty seven years old is a testament to the strength, courage and will power we humans possess. Statistically I’m supposed to be dead. Statistically I’m supposed to be hopeless. Statistically I’m supposed to be selling my body, mind and soul as a way to purge my past away. Statistically I’m supposed to still be a victim or I should have morphed into a monster myself. Statistically, I should be strung out on drugs, I should be angry and I should be a complete mess. What the statistics fail to take into account is the power of our spirits and soul. I have found we do not give our SELVES enough credit. We forget to take into account our SOULS which hold an infinite amount of power that can TRANSFORM the trajectory of our lives.

On Celebrating Self ~ 2011
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