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"Sheena LaShay" Last year, one of my friends from college launched a new company that seemed so fun and received great press, investments and rapid growth. That company is called Hoppit and at the helm of the ship is Steven Dziedzic, a charming, intelligent and extremely business savvy guy that has great charisma.

When I write, “seemed fun,” its because I didn’t realize that along with its “fun” factor, Hoppit was actually a problem solver for an ever occurring issue in my life.

Hoppit is the first website and app of its kind where you find restaurants by atmosphere. Its about loving what you eat as well as where you eat. Hoppit’s ambiance search engine helps you find the perfect place no matter who you are with or what atmosphere you are looking for. This app is great for foodies, it seems to really like Hipsters and as mentioned, its a problem solvers for those who don’t particularly like using the restaurant section in NY Mag online. I’m sick of just searching by price point, cuisine type and neighborhood. "Sheena LaShay"

Last week, Hoppit launched its iPhone app and Steven threw a party for the company and their supporters. It was during this time that I realized Hoppit was the answer to one of my “issues.”

"Sheena LaShay"

Whenever its my turn to pick the restaurant or bar with my friends, family or dates, I bulk at the idea. I just don’t like doing it. I still don’t know New York enough to have a mental file drawer of 30 awesome places. All that I really know of are three places in New York. The Spice Market. Chavella. Chipotle. The Park. Chipotle. And this one noodle place near St Mark’s who’s name I can never remember but its right off the 6 train.

"Sheena LaShay"

Hoppit fixes this now. I can simply tell the app who I’m with, what “feeling” I’m going for and Hoppt does the rest. Now I want my friends to ask me to pick the place! I’m excited for the future of Hoppit, for all of Steve’s future endeavors and for the amazing places I’m going to be visiting in New York depending on if I want a place to be vintage, hipster, swanky, romantic or “mad men.” The other thing that’s great about Hoppit is that the app travels with you. Currently, I believe the app is helping people find their way to chic places in 9 cities with more to come. Below are some photos from the official Hoppit iPhone app launch held in New York City at Smithfield. (By the way, Smithfield is a fun place to chill. Its a place I pass ALL the time and I never knew it was there. Now i know…because of Hoppit.)

You should also know that Hoppit is free.

"Sheena LaShay"

"Sheena LaShay"

If I didn’t do a great job at explaining, watch the videos below.


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