Dark Side of Pole by Glen Graham feat Sheena LaShay

If U-Need by Glen Graham aimed to show you my sensuality through movement, what I can say about Dark Side of Pole is that it shows my sex. When Glen asked which of the two I liked the most, my response was, “U-Need is to making love as Dark Side of Pole is to fucking.”

With this second shoot with Glen, things changed. This time I wasn’t allowed to dance however I wanted. Glen wanted to do a more stylized shoot playing with light and shadows so I was restricted to one pole and depending on the moment, I was restricted to one area of the pole. “I only want you to do spins at this level,” he might say or, “I want you this high on the pole and I’d like you to stay there during the entire song.”

In addition to these changes, Glen also had an assistant in the room to make the shoot seamless. The shooting time was twice the length of our first video and conditions were different. I had to quickly learn to ignore AND use the bright light as well as combat the sweat that was induced because of it. Sweat equals wet body which equals wet pole which equals pole dancer sliding down a LOT when she doesn’t intend to. Either way, I trusted Glen’s vision and gave him permission to create the video however he liked. He was the filmmaker and editor. I wanted him to work his magic.

One other thing. What I like about this and the other shoot is that there wasn’t a lot of “snake oil” on my or Glen’s part. As it relates to me, I didn’t wear make up for the shoot. I didn’t diet before the shoot. I didn’t wear a wig, false eye lashes or get a manicure. Actually during the second shoot I had a MAJOR sinus infection and was overdosing on ricola in between songs. Even still, Glen was able to produce two beautiful, sexy videos THAT I LOVE!!! I can’t wait to work with him some more!

Dark Side Of The Pole from Glen Graham II on Vimeo.

Glen rocks. If you’re looking for a photographer and/or film maker with extreme talent, competitive rates and a great professional attitude and work ethic, check out Glen and his work at Glen Graham Photography.

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