Scandalous Women. Are You One?

I’m currently reading “Scandalous Women: The Lives and Loves of History’s Most Notorious Women” by Elizabeth Kerri Mahon. I’ve noted a running theme with the women who have made history whether they were heroes, villains or both. These women all embodied the following……

  • They were brilliant strategist
  • They seized the advantage
  • They made ingenious moves
  • They were independent, powerful and full of charisma
  • They had a powerful story that people could relate  to
  • They had guts and moved with bravery
  • They were indifferent to public opinion
  • They were women of influence
  • They refused to be bound by rules of proper behavior for women
  • They caused a stir with religion, politics and social norms
  • They possessed great leadership skills
  • They were not afraid to fight
  • They were brilliant, eccentric, strong willed
  • They possessed prodigious energy
  • They were unorthodox, vivid, clever, perplexing, and fascinating
  • They were not bound by fear
  • They craved excitement
  • They were witty, charming, and had reckless courage
  • They were not to be denied
  • They were vivacious and unrepentant
  • They did not apologize for their desires.


Incidentally they were often labeled as witches, temptresses, whores and crazy. Really they were erotic mystics, spiritual leaders, progressive thought leaders and empowered & enlightened beings that changed the world by having the courage to simply be themselves and live on their own terms.

Are you one of these women? I’d like to believe that I am.



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