IMAN x Sheena LaShay x BB Cream

I was recently hired to film a video for IMAN Cosmetics at their headquarters in NYC for an in-house production. I was literally FLOORED when the Director of Product Development, Marketing Director and Creative Director asked me to be a part of their team for this special project. IMAN is set to release their much anticipated BB Cream that works for a wide variety of skin types. While my assignment had to do with videography, story telling, directing and editing, I learned a great deal about make up. FINALLY!!! Have you seen the way that I apply lipstick? Apparently, it would make the Spirit of Beauty and Cosmetics roll over in its grave!

"BB Cream for Women of Color"

While my project won’t be released to the public, I am excited for the possibility of more projects. I’m also excited to try out the BB Cream. From watching and filming Bryon Barnes’ presentation, I learned new techniques and a lot of practical information regarding make up. Look out for a video review soon!

"IMAN BB Cream"

One of the things that stood out the most, besides the AWESOME project and AMAZING creative team, was the energy of the IMAN headquarters. The office is full of color, patterns and beautiful collected objects from Iman’s travels. I also love that at the start of every meeting, event, or presentation….they always light candles. I enjoy how they do business and how they set the mood!

"BB Cream for Black Women"

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