Flight Club: Winter Showcase 2013

February is just around the corner and of course my month is filled with sultry, sexy, sensual and steamy events, projects and date nights! My latest project is the “Winter Showcase”, a pole dance event produced by Flight Club under the direction of Aerial Amy. Amy is my friend, my teacher and in this case my partner & boss! On February 23rd, we will be opening the doors for our THIRD dance showcase.


"New York Pole Dancers"

During the first showcase in the winter of 2012, I was selected to perform.   Next, I stage managed the summer showcase of 2012. This year, I’m back at it stage managing, collaborating and securing talent for our latest endeavor. With 23 acts, 27 performers, one burlesque host and a room full of supporters, family and friends, this is going to be one of the hottest tickets in town. Are you looking for a great present for your boyfriend, husband or spouse…buy a pair of tickets to the showcase! Are you looking for something to do for your annual girl’s night out, get some tickets before we sell out. We’ve sold out of each event and seating is limited!

"Pole Dance Events"

What separates this event from the many other events in town?  This event is just for fun. Its not a competition. It’s not a recital. Its a time set aside for dancers, students and enthusiast to perform before their friends no matter how long they’ve been dancing, no matter how many tricks they’ve got and no matter the affiliation. It doesn’t require a video to enter the showcase. There are actually no criteria. Its simply just for fun. It’s to provide an opportunity for dancers to perform before a live audience. I LOVE this.

"Aerial Amy"

This event draws every type of pole dancer from lyrical, contemporary dancers to more gymnast, fitness type of dancers to sultry, sexy dancers. I love the variety. I love all the costumes, song selections, hair styles and body types.

If you will be in New York, consider coming to the Winter Showcase. I’ll be in the control booth running the lights but make sure you swing by and say hi either before or after the event. Oh yes, and after the event which is being held at Symphony Space, we’ll be having a after-party and Bar Thalia. See you there!

P.S. – For those who are into the behind the scenes of events and productions and are wondering how I secured such a fun project…well, its because I put myself out there! After performing in the first showcase, I went up to Amy and explained how I could provide support for her next event. I told her what I was capable of and what I wanted to do and she hired me. So if you’re looking for ways to do more of what you love, put yourself out there. Pitch your ideas! Introduce yourself. Toot your horn. Let the world know your worth. GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT.

All photography by the amazing Samantha Schwartz

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  • Angela

    Sheena, I can’t even express how much this type of show appeals to me. I wish it could be video’d! So here’s a question – how would a person even BEGIN to organize a fledgling showcase? My studio doesn’t do this kind of thing and it doesn’t have a big enough venue for an audience anyway, so if I want to see it happen in my city I think I’ll have to be the one to do it. And if I don’t get some guidance it’ll be all trial and error! So, any tips or resources on how to start?

    • Sheena LaShay

      @Angela, We will be taping the performances. You can view the winter performances from 2012 on youtube. How does one begin to create a showcase? Shit. Let me write that blog post and see if Aerial Amy has a post on it. It’s totally doable. She doesn’t own a studio but she’s been able to produce this show three times now and it keeps getting better.

      • Angela

        Awesome, I look forward to the blog post when you get to it! Thanks!

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