Red Velvet ~ 32 Flavors | Daily Prompt

Chocolate, vanilla or something else entirely? That’s what The Daily Prompt wants to know. When given the choice, I’ll always choose Red Velvet. Red Velvet Ice Cream. Red Velvet Cake. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate. I even made, Red Velvet Pancakes!

Red Velvet is sexy to me. I love the color. It screams passion, pleasure and desire. I love the name. Red Velvet sounds yummy like Dulce de Leche. “Vanilla” doesn’t have the same ring to it. I like the taste of Red Velvet. There is that hint of chocolate with a little bit of something else. I like the mystery. Basically, Red Velvet is an entirely sensual experience for me. I even like the way it stains my hands. I like that lingering evidence of delight.

My infatuation lends itself to its own pinterest board. To date I’ve found over 140 enticing recipes and images. There’s even Red Velvet popcorn, waffles, and martinis….of which, I’ve had them all.

The BEST Red Velvet cupcakes in the ENTIRE world can be found at The Goddess and Grocer owned by a dear friend. Crumbs and Sprinkles don’t have ANYTHING on Debbie’s cupcakes.

“You’re only human. You live once and life is wonderful so eat the damn red velvet cupcake!” ~ Emma Stone

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  • Beyond back creek

    Ive always been put off red velvet by the color ( what makes it that red?) but after your sensuous tribute, I’m thinking of sneaking a taste!

  • Sheena LaShay

    Hi @Beyond back Creek. Beet Juice & Food Coloring are the top two things that make it red. There are a few other methods too. I LOVE the color. I’ve always had a thing for deep reds. Bright red, no. But a good deep red…yummy!!!! And its just so sexy!

  • Mere R

    YUM! Red velvet pancakes?!?! Definitely pinning that recipe to try :)

    • Sheena LaShay

      @Mere R. Let me know how they turn out for you. We made a video about it too. They were yummy. Also you can get really creative with the “syrup” since its red velvet. I can’t remember what we did.

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