Crafts + Cupcakes | March Photography

On March 16, I hosted my 2nd installment of “Crafts + Cupcakes”, sponsored by the uber awesome Sterling Sweets. Jen, the owner rocks so hard! The party was such a success. What was scheduled to be a 4 hour party turned into a 10 hour party. 10 hours of crafting, creating, and conversing. When this idea was conceived, I had no idea how it would evolve and change. I’ll save most of my review for the upcoming video but some event highlights were as follows.

1. The Guest.

Sheena LaShay casa regulars were there. Milan of AGrlCanMac. Kat of The NY Naturlista. Amber the Fire Dragon. Nadia, producer & director of Hannah Has a Ho Phase. There were some newbies to our party like Tiffiani of A Bitt Moore. Lara of many things. She’s a PROFESSIONAL pole dancer, pole teacher, model, violiniest, aerial artist and more! Odessa came through and rocked it out. She can see her sassy ass here. Jenn of Sterling Sweets came by to hand deliver some goodies. Krista was there. Krista is many many things in addition to being my in-house stylist & confidant for my Boudoir Photo and Video series. We even had a guest drive all the way from Philelphia to attend Crafts + Cupcakes

"What is Mixed Media"

 2. The Connections.

It was nice to see such a variety of women come together who’s circles are sort of near each other and yet they hadn’t met before. I loved watching Nadia and Lara shake hands as we prepared tea. They both are pole dancers and pole instructors but hadn’t met. Although Nadia had seen Lara perform in a showcase. Milan got to hang out with Tiffani in real time after having watching her youtube videos and interacting on social media. Tiffani, after hearing the word dragon in another context, shot a look over at Amber. “That’s what I know you from. You’re the fire breather in the video.” Amber smiled and nodded.


3. The Crafts.

We made some awesome shit. Full Stop. Period.

"Custom Mug"


4. The Reactions.

After the party I received these two notes…..

“I’ve been in such a funk lately that I haven’t quite been able to shake myself out of, and today was just what my soul needed. It was really awesome to be around a new group of women with positive energy, and i definitely walked away with more than the craft projects. I was really looking forward to today and didn’t want to leave by the time I had to go. Needless to say, PLEASE keep ’em coming! I’m totally looking forward to the next one”

There was also….

” Thanks again for hosting an awesome party- it was a great mental vacation for the afternoon, and boy did I need that… Crafts were super fun, thank you for donating your supplies, I’m inspired to do

The most unexpected reaction came from one of my guy friends on facebook after seeing one of the pictures. Our convo went as follows.

Him: This is dope. I want to make mugs… Sheena can we do a coed one with men and women.?

 SLY: Are you serious? if so, yes.

Him: I joke about many things but I’m very serious about this .I feel as a man I some times get excluded from cool events and activities women do just for being a man. I’m sure some women feel the same way about some activities men do. Lets mix it up and change the game.

I promptly agreed. He even volunteered to help me host the next one!

"Guacamole Dip"

The food was awesome too! In addition to Jen’s sweets and the snacks that that the guest brought, including wine from Kat, there was also my homemade guacamole. I’m excited to share the video of our event and I can’t wait for the next one which is tentatively scheduled for May. Take a moment and enjoy all the fun pictures below. Pin them. Tag them. Let them inspire and ignite in idea in you!


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