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I recently had the ABSOLUTE PLEASURE at dining at Little Neck, a “classic New England-style beach side seafood shack” with yummy foods sourced locally within their network of growers and producers. It’s helpful to know what Little Neck is not a shack. Little Neck is gorgeous, fun, intimate and absolutely cute. The decor is a throwback to a classic ship, with ropes and hooks and vintage light bulbs all around the place. I loved all the nautical decor! It’s absolutely adorable and I’m shocked its not on Hoppit!

"Little Neck"

Their menu is extremely selective and ridiculously tasty. From their salads, to their clams and oysters to the yummy lobster rolls, I can’t decide which I liked best. It should be noted that they put so much lobster in my lobster roll, that I think they probably could have made two sandwiches out of the one!

"Little Neck"

If you want great seafood, with great decor with a wine/beer list that rivals the food menu, Little Neck is the way to go. They are worth every dollar. I had the Pea Shoot Salad which was….great. I NEVER eat grapefruit and with this salad, I could have licked the bowl! I also had the P.E.I. Mussels with Thai Basil and Curry. It was tasty. I meant to get oysters but the mussels was a happy mistake. And of course, I had a classic Maine Lobster Roll. You can check out their menu here.  Little Neck is great for a date, if you’re dining with a couple friends, and if you’re eating alone. It’s not ideal for large groups and I’d rather there not be crying babies next to me. Their bar is also awesome too. So you can come and dine alone!

"Little Neck"

Don’t forget to bring your camera if you visit. I was a little shy in my picture taking and didn’t get nearly enough photos of the entire restaurant and all the knick knacks. I half expected a pirate or at least a sailor to come out the kitchen and raise the sails!

"Little Neck"

Little Neck

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