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I recently held a “Crafts + Cupcakes” party where one of our activities was the pinterest popular “DIY Sharpie Mugs.” From our own trial and error, here are some tips and instructions for you.


1. First off, seek inspiration everywhere. Not only did we pull ideas from pinterest, I pulled out one of my books on symbols and a few doodling books.


"Custom Mug"


2. If drawing is a challenge, sketch your idea on paper first. Not everyone needed to do this. Milan went gangster on her cup and just drew on it without even thinking. For the rest of us, there is the option to practice on paper first.

"Personalized Mug"

3. If you mess up, you can use nail polish to remove the mark and start over again.

"Custom Gifts"

4. If you’re drawing on black mugs, oil based Sharpies work best.

"Customized Mug"

5. Bake the mugs for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.

"Make Your Own Mug"


6. Know that this may come off. You can use porcelain pins. Craft paint pins. Or find a finisher to add to the mug. But keep in mind, this is a fun, easy craft. If the idea that this will eventually wash off freaks you out, just pay $30 for a pretty mug off etsy.

"Custom Coffee Mug"

7. FYI, my mug is awesome.

"Personalized Coffee Mug"

8. This makes a great gift. Add a couple of your favorite tea bags or hot chocolate, wrap it up and give to someone you love!

Happy Crafting!

To see the rest of our images, go here!

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  • Tracie

    These are super cute! I love the idea to have a mug crafting party. Very fun.

    • Sheena LaShay

      I bet you and your daughter would LOVE this. This was such an easy, cheap craft. I asked everyone to bring their own mugs which they found at the dollar store and thrift stores. I had a number of sharpies and many of the girls brought their own sharpies too. Throw a party and take pictures.

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