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Taking pictures every day is one of the quickest ways to learn about photography and to improve your photography. Another way to learn techniques, principals and more, would be to find books that are suitable to your interest and level of understanding. When I wanted to learn more about photography, these were the first few books I purchased.

This book was helpful in learning how to work with my specific camera. I no longer use a Nikon but there were exercises in this book that I believe will benefit any type of camera user. The point though, is that you do want to learn how to use your specific camera. Each camera even within the same brand, have subtle differences with could make a big difference in how you approach your photography and workflow.

"Digital Photography Books"

Exposure is key and this book came highly recommended, so I got it. I’m still learning. Upon further research it turns out this book is on every “photography book” list so yeah, if there’s one to get on my life, this would be it!

"Digital Photography Books"

This book, “The Photographer’s Eye” is poetic and powerful. It’s like reading the journal of the man who discovered the theory and mathematical equation of photography. He’s not that guy but that’s what it feels like while reading this book. It’s more than just learning the right exposure. And he explains this. Sometimes though, I had to pull out my dictionary. I’d recommend this book to anyone whether they are a hobbyist or professional. Whether you’re taking photos for your etsy shop, your portrait session or your world travels, there’s something in the book for you.

"Digital Photography Book"

Another book I enjoyed for a few tips and creative inspiration is “The Creative Photographer”. I didn’t just want to take pretty pictures of flowers when it came to my personal photography. I wanted to find ways to infuse my photography into my mixed media artistry to create dynamic pieces of work. This book was a good starting point for me. It’s not for everyone.

"Digital Photography Books"

I also wanted to find ways to take every day life photos and infuse them into my journals and exploration of self. This book is an excellent resource for inspiration and ideas.


"Digital Photography Books"

I’m not suggesting that you go buy these books today. These books are what I was specifically looking for in regards to my needs. I wanted to know everything about my nikon. I wanted to learn exposure because I needed mroe growth on that topic as oppose to composition. I wanted to find a way to fuse photography into my journalling and mixed media crafts. Etc. Etc.

For instance, today if I were to buy some photography books, I’d look for something on posing, lighting, and creating better photography for blogs. I’d also find a book specifically for my canon camera and who know what else? Oh, I’d find a book on portrait photography, photography art and something on taking sharper images. That’s because this is all in line with what interest me about photography right now. The point is to pin point what it is you want. I hope you didn’t just get a camera because everyone else got one. I hope you got it because of a specific desire. Perhaps you want to take better travel photos. Then find the best books and videos on that. Or you have a new business with a store front. Okay find resources regarding photography on that. Find what works for you. Take pictures. Google stuff. And sometimes refer to awesome books for advice and education. People ask about my photography and they want tips. Here’s a tip. Read a book. :-) Also, here are some photography tips for beginners and here are some cool photography youtube channels to follow.

Here are some more extensive lists.

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