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Did you know Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine people use? The first is google. Google owns Youtube. I.E., that means when looking for tips just google exactly what you’re looking for as it relates to photography. Yesterday I wrote 10 Photography Tips for Beginners, if you want a good place to start before youtubing it up.

Below are a couple people who I watch regularly to learn tips from. But seriously, just google exactly what you need help with. For instance, a lot of my clients want portraits and I also need to take better images of people’s faces. I like taking pictures of flowers and red velvet waffles. So I just youtubed, “Shooting Better Portraits.” A number of things came up but based on what I’m looking for, the titles of videos, the views, the type of video and who’s putting it out there, I choose to watch this one. (And of course I added it to my Photo Lessons pinterest board to reference whenever I need a reminder. Keep track of your resources for reference.)

So you see, I can’t just give you all the photography tips because the best way to find tips is to look for exactly what you’re looking for. General tips only go so far. Youtube exactly what you need help with and then find cool people to subscribe to who constantly put out awesome videos.

Let’s try this again. I need to learn some more regarding White Balance. Now, I’m not going to just youtube, “White Balance”. I’m youtubing, “Setting White Balance on a Canon t4i” because that’s what I’m looking for. Be specific in your search.  That search made me realize I didn’t write exactly what I meant. What I meant to search for was “Setting CUSTOM white balance on a Canon t4i”  Even still, I didn’t find the right video. Maybe someone hasn’t made it yet. I’m sure there are articles about it too. But what I did find was this video that I like.

Here’s another example. I consult with a salon owner/hair stylist and so for her benefit I youtubed, “Shooting Hair Models”, since I”m assuming she’ll need tips on taking better pictures for her portfolio and client base. This awesome video came up. Also SUBSCRIBING to them too.

A few other things to remember.

1. Don’t get too consumed with all the videos and blogs on photography. There are a billion and everyone is a supposed expert or master or teacher. Remember to play, experiment and try. I could research all day how to take a great photograph but the point is I need to actually take a photograph.

2. Sometimes people are wrong with their tips. Or sometimes they are right, but that’s not the point. Try stuff out and experiment. See what you like to shoot and how you like to light your subject. Based on your experiments you may just discover a new technique that rocks the world of photography.

3. Keep track of all your research and what you learn. Sometimes I’ll find a perfect tutorial for a photoshop editing issue and it helps me. But then three weeks later I need to do that same thing again and I forget. But then I can’t find the link to that video and then it sucks. So, I keep a pinterest board. I keep a list. I email myself links.

4. Also, don’t sleep on Vimeo. There are some awesome video tutorials on that site too.

And here are a few photographers I follow on youtube.

1. Jared Polin

2. Adam Lerner

3. That Nikon Guy

4. Adorama TV

5. Digital Rev TV

6. B&H Photo

7. Alex Beadon – She’s a photographer but her videos are more on business and branding. But I love her stuff anyway.

8. Sheena Lashay – Hey, that’s me. I don’t do videos on photography but I do videos on EVERYTHING else. I am thinking of doing a couple video photography tips though. Subscribe to my channel for free to be in the know!

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