Vernal Spring Equinox 2013 ~ 5 Activities


Today we enter into the Vernal Spring Equinox.

Here are some suggestions for welcoming the spring.

1. Aromatic Essence.

Light a candle, burn some oil or incense they evoke the mood of spring. Examples would be lavender, rose, rose wood, jasmine, sandalwood, myrrh, african violet, sage, musk and frankincense. Not sure why this matters? Just google, “The Power of Smell.” If you want to take it a step further, “GOOGLE SCHOLAR” it. Results yielded this book, Aroma: The Cultural History of Smell and this JSTOR members article, “Fume and Perfume: Some Eighteenth‐Century Uses of Smell”

2. Festive Feasting.

When it comes to spring, try a lighter meal plan. During the winter, I love eating hearty meals including soups. But now that its spring, try some flavorful, earth friendly meals. Try some dishes that include lots of fruits and vegetables. Try juices and smoothies. How about some fun raw, vegan and or vegetarian dishes. Also put some edible flowers in your salad. I love flowers in my salad! Real Simple has a fun interactive guide on seasonal fruits and vegetables. I really like these five Spring juices. Eat food that gives you energy and makes you feel alive. Also, don’t forget about popsicles. Healthy ones, though.

3. Divine Design.

The Vernal Equinox is an excellent time to incorporate elements of feng shui into your home. Feng Shui is about directing the energy throughout your home to bring harmony, balance, peace and abundance. A lot of people use this time of year to do the customary “spring cleaning.” Purging, rearranging and simplifying is a great way to balance the energy in your home. This season, add plants, flowers and herbs around your house. An “easy” plant to care for is bamboo which represents birth, regeneration, the direction of east, spring and creativity.

"When is the Spring Equinox"

4. Mixed Media Magic

Take 5 minutes or an hour to doodle or create an art journal page dedicated to the spring. When adding mixed media or using paint colors and gel pens, think about what colors evoke spring for you. What images, what phrases, and what symbols bring spring to mind? Take some time to get creative in your journal and be inspired by spring! I love this art journal page. And this page. And this page too. Elsie made a WHOLE journal for the spring here.

5. Cultivating Connection

Call your bestie just because, and go have lunch. Call that “person of interest” and go take a walk in the park. Write a letter…doodles included to that one friend you haven’t talked to in awhile. Plant the seeds for a new friendship by smiling at a stranger and asking how their day was. Have brunch with someone who you’ve drifted away from. Apologize and start anew.

Other ideas to welcome the spring equinox could be to go dance in nature, go camping or on a long hike, catch fireflies, plant some new seeds, collect fresh rain water, dip a flower or herb in the water, direct renewing energy into the water and sprinkle that water around your house…you can do some spring sage smudging while you’re at it. Or even write a manifesto of all the things you want to do this spring. Also, go take a moment and stand in the sun. Write a gratitude list. Notice the light.

"What is the Spring Equinox"


In 2012, I wrote the following regarding the Vernal Spring Equinox 2012

Oh, what I would give to witness and take part in ancient shamanic customs that involved women in fields, bare foot, dancing to and for the earth, bidding the blessing of fertility, renewal and abundance. Oh what fun and inspiration it would be to take part in such feminine energy. Does any one still do this? Are their bohemian, gypsy souls still dancing barefoot with the earth offering love and energy to the spirits that were before, that are to come and the ones that are right here?

What is the Spring Vernal Equinox?

In layman’s terms, the vernal equinox which happens to be spring for the northern hemisphere is when the length of night and day across the world are almost equal. Almost but not quite. In the southern hemisphere, they are transitioning into their autumn. This time of year is generally associated with rebirth, renewal, growth, planting, and fertility.

Personally, this time of year is a sensual experience for me. I can smell the dirt and flowers. I can feel the rain and thunder storms. I can hear the birds. I can see the magnolia trees. I can taste the fresh vegetables that the earth shares. I can wear dresses and feel the wind on my legs. Spring is about laughter, outdoor brunches and beer gardens. It’s about fairy tales, late night walks and new adventures.

What do people do for the Spring Vernal Equinox?

Wiccans celebrates the Festival of Ostara. Many religions, with a huge focus on Christianity celebrate Easter, the day they believe their savior rose from the dead. Around this time Passover is celebrated amongst the Jewish culture. There’s also the Festival of Nowruz marking the beginning of the year in the Iranian calendar or more commonly known as the Persian New Year. There’s also the Chinese Perspective on Spring, which is viewed through the Five Phrases or Wu Xing.




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