Ēostre | Easter

I celebrate the spring equinox. I celebrate the cycles of the moon. I celebrate the stories and lives of the goddess. The ones of love, passion, fertility, strength and even grace. But also when a friend sends me a facebook invite for Easter Dinner, well for those few hours I celebrate “Easter” too. If by Easter you mean feasting with loved ones. I’ve tried to make it my goal to take more portraits of my friends at these dinners but as always I end up gawking over the food. My friend Brent, who recently started a catering company, soon to be featured on the site, made his famous Grilled Avocado, Roasted Chicken, Garlic Asparagus, Peach Cobbler and more. I was so stuff, I fell asleep mid conversation on the couch! Brent and Mark, thank you for always hosting the best soirees EVER!

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