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This past weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of filming a new campaign for Sterling Sweets, a vegan & gluten free bakery located in New York. Sterling Sweets is a tasty yet healthy bakery whose treats are created without the 8 most common allergens including soy, nuts and refined sugar. It should be noted that Sterling Sweets is an E-bakery, so no matter where you’re located in the United States and in Canada, you can have her yummy treats delivered by ordering from their ETSY shop. She even makes wedding cakes!

"Gluten Free Bakery"

If the name “Sterling Sweets” sounds familiar, its because they are one of the amazing sponsors of “Crafts + Cupcakes.” I had a friend comment, “Oh, did you do this campaign with her because she sponsors your parties?” NOPE. Sterling Sweets is a full paying customer to my videography services. I did however partner with the owner, Jennifer Sterling on producing the Why I Rise  awareness video as a thank you for her sponsorship. So, I’m bragging about this client not because I get free stuff and also not because she’s paying me but because while filming her I ate the equivalent of 3 pieces of red velvet cake and every piece was truly delicious. I’ve also eaten her Earl Grey Cookies, her Vanilla Rooibos cookies, her Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and her Dark Chocolate Spicy Popcorn. Every bite left me wanting more. Regarding her cupcakes, I couldn’t even tell you how many flavors I’ve tried.

"Gluten Free Red Velvet Cake"

I had such a fun time filming this new campaign. Not only did I get to see how Jennifer works her magic from start to finish, I also got to learn about her as a business woman, a mother, a pastry chef, and a nutritionist. I learned more about figs and chia seeds that I bargained for and I get why agave nectar isn’t a magic fix for sugar or honey.

"Vegan Bakery"

During the interview portion of our filming, the main focus was on Jen and her bakery but many themes emerged including creative expression, the need for play and learning to be present. Check out some quotes from Jennifer. When I inquired about finding an outlet for creativity when you’re not a painter or dancer and maybe just a mom cooking a meal for her family, Jennifer responded….

“Everything in cooking is creative.”

"Allergen Free Bakery"

When I inquired about inspiration….because you know we often think inspiration has to come in the form of chariots on fire from the sky or a big life altering epiphany, Jennifer responded with….

“My creativity is sparked by just walking through the grocery store or walking through the farmer’s market…..”

"Gluten Free Desserts"

Later when it came to being creative and cooking, she stated….

“Part of the process is not being too concerned with the outcome. I give myself permission to play. If i get caught up in making things perfect all the time, I’d never do anything. If it doesn’t turn out great, its not too big of a deal. I had the experience and the experience is what’s important to me in the process of being creative.”

That note could translate into any area of your life, no matter your career or passion.

"Vegan Cookies"

Sterling Sweets currently has a giveaway promotion on facebook inspired by Olivia Pope from Scandal. In every other scene I can recall Olivia is kicking back a glass of red wine and eating popcorn. With some experimenting, Jennifer created a Vegan Red Wine Caramel Popcorn. By simply leaving a comment about your favorite Scandal scene on the facebook post, you could win a bag of her newest treat!

"Gluten Free Cupcakes"

Stay tuned for more photos and for the new video campaign of Sterling Sweets.



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  • Delmekia

    Came across your blog while researching Instagram tips for photographers and describes to stay for a while. I love the vibe if your blog. Especially love how “straight up, no bs, all T no shade” your educational post are.

    Hope I’m not the first comment for this. That giveaway sounded awesome. Red wine popcorn inspired by Olivie Pope. Count me in.

    My favorite scene from scandal Fitz running down the clock with Liv and the living that transpire afterwards, or how bout the Rose Garden scene between Olivia and Fitz, or one minute, or deskgate. Gawd, I loved me some season 1 and 2b of Scandal.

  • Jean Pole

    I love this sweets. But the calories oooooh,

    Jean from germany

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