Joy is a Choice | Tinuola Olateju

Your heart will be broken. You may very well lose the thing you love.

Your grief and sorrow will ache your soul.

This will hurt and you will bleed.

What I’d like for you to know, is that JOY IS A CHOICE.

We will need to cry and something inside will break.

The breaking can crumble you or help you break through.

And through it all, I need to remind myself that JOY IS A CHOICE.


On May 29, 2010, Tinu Olateju at the age of 15 years old took her own life. I had to mourn this for myself. I had to mourn it for my best friend Lola because that was her baby sister. I had to mourn it for my friend Peju, because Tinu was her sister too. I had to mourn it for my friend Joke, because Tinu was her sister too. I had to mourn it for my own sorrow and my own guilt and for my family and for my pain. I have always felt a throbbing pain regarding what happened. I’m learning that that throbbing pain….its my heart beating. Bleeding and hurting, but still beating. And what I must remember is that though my sorrow confounds me, joy is a choice and healing is everlasting.

Tinu, you stay with me always. And I miss you. I miss you for Lola and for Peju and for Joke. I miss you for your brothers and for your parents and for all your friends. I wish you have been friends with my sister. I wish for so many things.

February 15, 1995 – May 29, 2010

"Joy is A Choice"

To learn more about Tinu, CLICK HERE.

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