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I was recently featured on Flexines as their Weekend Crush because of my activism in pole dance, sensuality, and abuse awareness. I knew that this feature was happening but I didn’t know what would be written!

AdAstra began her article by writing, “Do you live an authentic life?” When that’s the beginning sentence of a Sheena LaShay feature, I know I’m on the right track! That is what I want. I spent MOST of my life not being authentic, playing small and being quiet and its something I’ll never be afflicted with or accused of again. One of my favorite parts of the post is when she writes, “Unafraid to be sexy , unique, or to have her voice be heard, Sheena is a pole activist and more. She describes her two sirens and reminds us to be ourselves in a society that tells us to be everyone else.” That may have to be the new tagline for my bios!

Another thing that stood out to me was when she wrote, “My life experience includes sexual abuse and violence. I spent too many years trying to cover up for my mom so when I find someone who openly gives her views on sexual abuse I am glad. I am glad to hear the stories that make some people look away. We need to hear these conversations in our communities or how will we ever get past it and make a difference? We need to still be true to the sexy side. Sheena’s right, being open with sensuality and changing what we think and say about it can help us take the “wrong” out of sexy. “

AdAstra, thank you so much for such incredible heartfelt words. I really don’t even know what to say. I am honored, humbled and inspired. I hope one day we get to meet and then I hope our sirens get to meet too!

Head over to Flexines to read the rest of the article. Also, I think I may need to commission Glen Graham again for more photos because whenever I have to submit images, I always send the ones I took with him during our video shoot. He takes the best pictures of me ever!

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