2014 Planners for Creative Living and Business

*Note that this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale, without costing you anything extra. All opinions are my own because faking it and lying is boring and who has time to keep up a front. I recommend products that I use and believe in. 

Growing up my mother kept a Franklin Planner to keep her life in order. She had so many notes and appointments and post its and contacts throughout it. She did not go anywhere without her customized Franklin Planner. I remember she worked as an EA to some Executive at Jane Addams Hull House and she also worked for this business leadership talent consulting company. I can’t remember what she did there but her office had all these files and projects and presentations…and her Franklin Planner. Aside from her day job…sometimes she was also homeschooling her children. Or she was running and managing the church nursery with a staff of 15+ volunteers. She also had her side hustle running her desktop publishing business. She did manicures and pedicures. And she styled hair. And she ran her household. And she attended all of my volleyball games and track games, except for 3. The 3 she missed, our team lost. I’m not blaming her….I’m just saying.

So…my mom had her Franklin Planner and I think aside from her awesomeness at balancing all the facets of her life…it was the planner that helped her keep her shit together. That’s where I learned. Since high-school I have kept my own planner and it wasn’t until last year that I go the bright idea to create my own ULTIMATE DIY PLANNER & CALENDAR to fit all the parts of my life together.

Since 2006, I have consistently used the SACRED JOURNEY Calendar and Planner. It’s very detailed and I love it but I did find it was missing a few key things. Eventually I found Leonie Dawson of the Amazing Biz and Life Academy. At first, I almost bought her planner but when I saw the price of the life planner $9.95 compared to the price of being a member of her academy where I would have access to ALL of her books, e-courses and such…I just bought a membership. I’ve been a member now for 3 years.

Well, I must be fair. In addition to finding Leonie Dawson, I found things like The Lunar Planner which I love and highly recommend. The bohemian, granola witch that lives inside me is grateful for that planner. There’s also The Sundial Agenda. I love this too. When I first saw those agendas I bought about 10 of them and throughout the years I’ve given them away as gifts. I’m down to my last one and I don’t think they make them anymore. HOWEVER, its easy to make your version of that agenda as I have before and continue to do so. I also have purchased numerous copies of The Non-Planner Datebook and reference it often.

"Sheena LaShay 2014 Planner" - sheenalashay.com

I say “reference it” because last year I took the best things that I loved about the gazillion planners that I own and I made my own version of it. I made one big yearly planner and then monthly planners too. The yearly one was too big to carry around with me daily but my monthly moleskin diy enhanced ones were perfect for the day to day. (As a side note there’s also The Divine Lunar Planner which I really want but haven’t brought myself to purchase as of yet and there’s also Susannah Conway FREE planner too.)

So…basically, there are a ton of planners I love and use. Despite that, I also went on to create my own ULTIMATE version. I found that a lot of planners miss a few things. While they may focus on business goals or gratitude, many of them do not have pages set aside for sensuality or sexuality. That’s just as important to me. I also wanted my calendar/planner to take into account my art journalling hobby and a lot of planners don’t leave room for that. Or this year, I think I need to add a special section just for Pole Dancing and perhaps a special section for my various projects.

You can preview some of the pages in my DIY Planner from last year here:

I still have to show my various monthly calendars but you can get an idea of what I was going for by viewing my DIY Planner & Calendar Pinterest board. Creating my own calendar was a project of EPIC proportions. To be honest, I never finished every page that I intended too but that’s okay. I will keep working on it.
For you however, if you’re still searching for a great calendar, either consider some of the ones I’ve mentioned above, make your own using inspiration from my pinterest board or consider using Leonie Dawsons’s 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Calendars + Workbooks. Leonie has one digital workbook for Life and one for Business, each at $9.95 or you can buy both for $17.95.  This year she’s also offering printed versions too! If I had to pick one calendar that wasn’t handmade by me that was the best, this one would be it. Plus if you’re printing and binding it, you can always add extra pages of whatever its missing.
However, as I mentioned, many years ago, I personally decided not to get the calendar and instead to become a member of her Academy. When people ask how do I know so much about business, marketing, networking, blogging and etc…one of my main inspirations of education has come from the Amazing Biz and Life Academy. There’s also Lynda.com, CreativeLive.com, Google, Youtube, the Library, common sense and a shit ton of awesome books like “The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future” and “The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success” and MORE! I use all these resources. I pay for them. I invest in my business by educating myself, planning, organizing and constantly improving.
Regarding the Amazing Biz and Life Academy, now when I joined the price was under $300 for a yearly membership and it has been well worth it to me considering Leonie offers all of her e-courses, workshops, meditations and more for “FREE” to the members. The price for all of her workbooks and such would amount to over $3,500. In addition to that, you also get access to all the women in her network which is priceless. I highly recommend joining Amazing Biz and Life Academy. But if you can’t…at least invest the $9.95 or $17.95 for the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Calendars + Workbooks. And then also check out her Free Goodies and her Business Goddess E-Course. That would be my recommendation for a beginner. Get the calendar, the freebies and her business e-course. To view all of her courses check out her SHOP. She has things such as “Releasing Fear Meditation,””Sacred Space Clearing Kit,” “Chakra Healing Meditation,” “Radiant Goddess Ecourse” and one of her latest is her “How to Hire, Grow + Keep a Shining Six Figure Team.”
Now if all of this is just a bit much or you’re overwhelmed by all the options or you want to live more creatively but aren’t sure how or you have an idea for business but don’t know where to start or you just want to relax and enjoy your year, you can also join my friend Krista Purnell and I for Dreamcasting & Visioning, a Crafts + Cupcakes event where we will be dreaming and summoning and envisioning and releasing in order to set our intentions for our 2014 experience on January 11, 2014. I just dropped the ticket price to $5 for all attendees. So if you’re local to New York, we can help guide you as you plan out your year!


And maybe you aren’t even that far along. Like maybe you’re thinking I can’t even dream or plan my year creatively or consider growing my business because I’m a fucking mess and I’m confused and my bank account is in the negative and I feel like a fraud or a failure or I’m depressed or who gives a fuck? Are you one of those? I’d like to say I was once an expert in depravity and self destruction and there is an authentic way to thrive past that and move forward….if you want. And a lot of that has to do with dreaming, with some intentional planning, with organization, with creativity and with strategically focusing your brain and your will towards abundance. And as corny as it may sound, a calendar, a planner, a business academy, a chakra ecourse and a craft party centered around setting intentions can help you in that blue winter funk of shit. Trust me. I’ve got the honorary PhD in self infliction and hopelessness.

Luckily, I eventually went on to get something else too. Hope. Joy. Compassion and a very clear understanding of what my passion and purpose is. And with the help of guided plans and my own intuition and wisdom, I found the baby steps and the leaps towards thriving.

Do you use a planner? Why or why not? If you do, which ones do you use?


*As noted, this post contains affiliate links.

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  • Nina Reed

    I can’t remember the last time I had a physical copy of a planner, but I do use a lot of different planning apps and websites. My favorite is todoist.com (it syncs so well between all my devices), but I do wish I had one overall place to keep track of everything, instead of switching back and forth between todoist and google calendar all the time.. :)

    • Sheena LaShay

      @Nina Reed, I forgot to mention I also use Google Calendar like a crack head and numerous planning apps in conjunction with my physical calendar. I use a physical calendar because once, I lost all my data. (Now I back up on 3 different devices.) Plus I’m an art journaller and I like having a physical thing with me. But I use apps too!

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