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2014 marks the tenth year that I have lived intentionally with my naturally, tightly coiled, uber shrinking, curly hair. I find the timing interesting considering the latest campaign I was chosen to be a part of.

This season, I will be and have been styling my hair with various Pantene products including items from their Truly Natural Collection. Why does this matter? Because when I first cut off my chemically and permanently relaxed hair and started styling my curly hair, I used Pantene products. It is what my family used when I was a child and it is what I initially used on my curly hair.

Over the past 10 years, I have gone on to use numerous products by other brands for various reasons. One main being that I like products specifically designed for my curly hair. Therefore I’m intrigued and eager to try Pantene’s latest collection. We’re having a reunion!

It should be noted that after all these years and all the numerous hair companies and products that have launched, Pantene still reigns as the World’s #1 Hair Care Brand and they are dedicated to keeping every woman’s hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. <– I can rock with that.


Now in addition to trying a variety of Pantene products  out of sheer curiosity, I also have a need. Around this time of year, I get all sorts of holiday invites. There are the corporate holiday parties, the friendship holiday parties, the “out-on-the-town”- “I live in NY”- “my life is epic sometimes” holiday parties. And sometimes there are the, “oh-my-lover-just-invited-me-to-a-holiday-party” and I need to look GORGEOUS!

In addition to needing to style my hair for all of these  kinds of holiday parties, I need something practical. New York keeps getting hit by flurries of snow. Didn’t it rain last week too? Therefore I decided the best styles to try this season would be what I’m calling the “Carefree-Bohemian-Updo.” I figure if my hair is pinned up with some intentional flyaways and cascading curls, I can come away with a sophisticated, chic but easy going and stylish look.


You know I make a mood board for everything right? Well some of my inspiration can be found on my “Holiday Hair” pinterest board. I can’t find the exact style that I’m picturing in my head. I wish I knew how to draw. Maybe that might help. But the board is a starting point. I’m imaging that the back of my hair is loosely pinned up, possibly in a low braid or twist. I want the front to have one side with cascading defined curls that blow in the wind and the other side to have some loose twist or braid that has been pinned in a carefree bohemian way. (This coming from a woman who has spent most of the past 10 years rocking a simple twist out. I know. I know.)

I found Maegan Tintari  on Flickr and while she has straight hair, she’s another that’s inspiring my  “Carefree-Bohemian-Updo.”

"Maegan Tintari"


This truly is going to be an adventure. Aside from a shampoo and conditioner, my main hair products include a hair butter and sometimes an ACV rinse. The lack of styling products might have sometimes to do with how quickly my hair can get unruly or why a “defined” braid outs last only 2 hours or so for me. With that being said, Pantene sent a bunch of products to help me in this epic quest. (Trust me, this is epic. Remember, I’ve been rocking a twist out for 10 years. I don’t even know if I know how to french braid.)

 The products include:

  • CO-WASH Cleansing Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Clarifying Shampoo
  • Defining Curls Styling CUSTARD
  • Shine Serum with ARGAN OIL
  • Advanced Keratin Repair KERAGLOSS Oil Mist
  • No Crunch Curls Whip
  • Ultimate 10 BB CRÈME <– I didn’t even know they made BB Creme for hair.
  • Pantene Pro-V Stylers Hairspray <– I think the last time I used hairspray was circa 1997. This will be interesting!
In the coming days I will share with you the pictures and possibly the video of my attempt at the “Carefree-Bohemian-Updo.” In the coming days, I’ll also reveal a winner of a giveaway.
Oh did I forget to mention that? Yes, I’m doing a giveaway. Someone has to experiment with me. One lucky winner will win full size versions of all the items I listed above. (All the products are not pictured but they are listed.) How do you qualify? You must be at least 18 years old and have a shipping address within the US. Simply leave a comment below telling me your favorite holiday hair style. Also, if you don’t have curly hair…well winning this giveaway could make a great gift for someone else in your life!

1. Photo Credit One used via Creative Commons by LoveMegan

2. Photo Credit Two used via Creative Commons by LoveMegan

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Showing 23 comments
  • Shannon VanKuren

    I’m going to try to experiment with Faux Hawking this year. :)

  • Bridgette

    My go-to style is one flat twist to frame my face (from one temple to the other) and a simple french twist in the back. Easy, elegant and always sexy!

  • Roni

    My favorite holiday style is the half-up half-down…I personally think I look better with my hair down but I prefer up-do’s when going holiday parties (and such). So with that style I feel like I have the best of both worlds…lol

  • adAstra @Flexines

    My favorite holiday hair style is… curling my hair, lol! I’ve always loved my hair but wanted it curly so now that I have a daughter with my dream hair she has more hair products than I do–I will have to check these out for her.

    I also have to add that I love your hair! Those are curls made to be messed with :)

  • Kirtina

    My favorite holiday hairstyle is made using Curlformers. I fluff out each curl as much as possible, while taking care to frame my face. The bigger the hair, the harder they stare!

  • Kina

    My favorite holiday hairstyle is a flat twist out, pinned up into a faux mohawk.

  • Sophia

    I think I will try wearing my recently cut hair in a twisted updo. I’m anxious to try the Kera Gloss Oil Mist. I haven’t used any type of Gloss on my hair since I’ve been natural, and I think that will help to give my hair a little added sheen…especially during the winter:)

  • Dominique Coleman

    My favorite holiday hair style is a curl former up-do or a curly up-do.

  • Chelcie L.

    My favorite holiday hairstyle is my hair done around my face its simple and cute

  • Michelle

    My favorite holiday style is a big huge twist out. Fun flirty and definitely a curls best friend.

  • Lucerne Francis

    My favorite holiday style is a protective style called cinnabuns. It’s a puff with separated pieces of hair rolled over and tucked in. To make it festive I used bobby pins with pearl/gold/silver balls threaded through the u-shape of the bobby pin

  • LaToya Daniel

    I will putting my locs in bantu knots to give them some texture. I can not wait to try this style, hopefully my husband will love my flirty curls. Happy Holidays!

  • Ella Belle

    My fave holiday style is a high puff, it showcases my hair to its fullest, making it look longer and fuller than it is.

  • Brdgt254Diva

    I’m going to try the bantu know out for the holiday this year.

  • kameeka b.

    I normally go for mini twists or twists outs but now that my hairs gotten longer ive opted to try protective styling this winter. right now im in box braids so im experimenting with different do’s

  • Lici Lee

    My fave holiday hairstyle is the Top Knot bun. I don’t like my hair in tight styles or styles that need alot of work when I am in a hurry. When I found this hairstyle I loved it, so too did my husband. It’s quick, easy and no hassle what so ever!

  • Danylla Johns

    Although my hair has been without relaxer for about a year and a half now I have been “treating” my hair like a natural for some months now. I have been experimenting with different styles and I think for the holiday season my go to styles will be a twist out with bows/headbands, and a two soft twist scaling up from the nape with a small poof of twist in the front.

  • Bobbie

    My favorite holiday style is a flat twist updo with pompadour.

  • Kimberly

    I like to put my hair in french roll

  • Tashanda

    Right now my holiday hair do is an updo! I’ve recently gotten into this updo. I ran across it by accident. It’s two flat twists going across the front and in the back, I lost twists and then pin the ends together. Easy, simple, and quick! Love it!

  • IzzieBaby

    My favorite holiday hairstyle is the two strand twist/twist out. It is so versatile, always able to manipulate it without being too harsh on my hair as a transitioner (heat damage :( ) I have only been using pure oils as I am so paranoid to avoid any more damage to my hair. But two strand twist are my go to for the holiday!

  • Kniqole

    My holiday hairstyles are beautiful pin-ups and I love the sock bun too. Haven’t tried anything boho as of yet, but I’ll work my way up 😉

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