Selling Out and Soul Out

I am to write a part three update post on my #VZWBuzz exploration of the ISIS Mobile Wallet. (There is an update in fact and it involves dinner and a date.)

I am to amplify my Pantene campaign via social media to ensure that my audience has information that may be of interest to them. (Plus I have an update…that date referenced above has not only noted his preference for the sheen my hair now has, he also loves the smell of the products.)

It would be nice if I used my affiliate links and a bit of active marketing to share with you the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year…in Life and Business via Leonia Dawson. Its nice when people buy those. I can get 50% off the sale.

There’s also the backlog of about 10+ klout perk products I’ve been sent…most of which I use almost every day and some of them are so cool that I can’t wait to share my experience.

And it would be nice to update you on client projects like Pole for the Soul, Sterling Sweets, The Pleasure Plate, Shell’s Loft and more.

I could give you recaps of my C.R.E.A.T.E. 2013 retreat and the Wild Magical Woman 2-Day workshop.

I could encourage you to accept my invitation to the latest Crafts + Cupcakes party where we will be visioning our 2014 year.

And there’s a way to do all those things…to share the truth of my life, my business, my shopping tendencies and recommendations and my lifestyle without being a sell out or coming across as spam or trying to get one over on you.

But I realize I can’t do that right now. (Notice how none of these things are linked. I mean, you could google them and find out info on your own and by all accounts do so if its of interest to you.)

But I don’t want to sell you a thing right now. I don’t want to give you a gift guide about stuff. (Stuff is awesome. It is. I love amazing products that make my life easier. I love pretty things and fun things and cute clothes and technology. I do love stuff.)

But sometimes its not about the stuff.

What does stuff have to matter when your life is in shambles or you’re broke or your heart aches or you hate your job or you’re fucking up a relationship because you don’t know how to be vulnerable? What does stuff matter when you’re depressed or suicidal or assaulted? Who cares about linking to shit when really I want to give you a link that will give you peace of heart and mind.

I want you to sleep well and not toss and turn and not have nightmares from flashbacks that are creeping their way to surface.

I want you to be present and experience compassion and to not freak out.

I want you to know what openness is and honesty is and transparency is.

I want you to have and possess and to let go and give the intangible things that a gift guide and affiliate link can’t give. Like love and joy and adventure and acceptance.

And I bet there’s a link for that too. I bet there’s a link to someone’s “Peace of Mind” ecourse for $99 for a 3 week in depth session exploring your soul and your heart stories with journalling prompts, photograpy challenges and a private facebook group that you have a lifetime membership to experience. (I’m being sarcastic.)

This goes back to a post I wrote called, “Be Your Own Source.” While community is important and sometimes you have to consult experts or friends or a trusted advisor…I am just overwhelmed with all the gurus of shit. Okay, I lie. A knowledgeable person with a great business plan and awesome product that solves a problem IS of interest to me. But I don’t like a faker and a hypocrite and a pretender and more links to click.

So …as I ramble….I’d encourage you to live a thoughtful and intentional life. I’d encourage to enjoy “the stuff” but not be consumed by it. I’d encourage you to make more informed, soulful, and value-affirming decisions when it comes to your purchases. And not just your latest phone purchase or latest hair product purchase or latest e-course purchase…but also the things you purchase with your time.

I sometimes get overwhelmed by the holidays. It’s sort of like the few weeks leading up to performance reviews. Everyone is throwing everything at you. Everyone is talking. Everyone wants you to look at them and validate them. Everyone wants to be noticed and affirmed and picked. And during the holidays it can be the same…every product wants you to buy it. Everybody has a sale and their amazing experience is going to change your life so why not by the sale. Everyone has a guide and its just a lot of stuff.

And I’m not knocking it. I promise you I’m not. I buy shit all the time and I buy into mindsets and ideas all the time. That’s normal. I’m just encouraging you to sometimes stop for a second and just breathe. And maybe be by yourself for a moment and quiet all the voices telling you what to do. Aside from my voice telling you to relax and find peace. Listen to that voice. :-)

Do something before the year is out that has nothing to do with anything. Go to the library and find a good book and just sit in the library and read that book or thumb through it. Maybe go walk around the city…at the park…not on 5th avenue. It’s nice out anyway. Or take a shower and just let the water fall on you. Nevermind the designer or organic soap and the homemade exfoliating scrub…just let the water hit you. Or maybe drink a glass of water and taste it. And just be present in the tasting. Or write in your journal. And if you don’t own a journal…use a napkin or piece of cardboard or use the empty spaces in an old book. Do something where the payment is your presence and not a dollar bill. And once you’ve engaged with yourself and had a few revelations or figured some shit out or got that epiphany or just barely saw some light at the end of it all….you can come back and then I’ll share some other stuff with you…like how he loves my new hair products and keeps smelling my hair and neck and ears and it feels very good when he does….so even if the product was ok….just having him snuggle close to smell me makes it even better.

But that is for later.

Rather than selling out this season…perhaps let your soul come out.

What does that mean for you?

Photography by Glen Graham Photography

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