Wanderlust | St Maarten, Here I Come

I have lots of fantasies. One being a luxurious, beach vacation with a gorgeous lover on some island somewhere.

Well, pretty soon that fantasy will become a reality. I get to spend 7 days in St Maarten/St Martin, at a beautiful villa with an equally beautiful man. Of course, I started a St Maarten pinterest board. Of course, I’m planning on doing a photoshoot. I’m going for this. Of course, I’ve googled bloggers. I found her and like this post –> One Small Island. Two Large Countries. Of course, I’m getting tips from the Nomadness group regarding things like how camaflouge could be illegal in some places and I need to be careful. I know I have to change my currency. My list of activities include the beach, a themed photo walk, hiking, eating and finding a library or museum. He says he won’t accompany me to the library. That’s okay. We’ll need some alone time apart too. Oh also, of course my passport was set to expire and I almost forgot and then I took a new picture and had expedited service and I’m all set.

I love to travel. I love nature. I am ready for a vacation. This will be one of the first REAL vacations I’ve taken in a long time. Once I took vacation time…to do a 10 day dance immersion for 10 hours a day. Turns out that’s not a vacation. Another time I took vacation time….to do a 10 day silent retreat. That’s not a vacation. For the past three years I’ve taken a vacation to host and manage a creative artist retreat. For the attendees, it might be a vacation. For me….its work. Fun work but work.

I remember going to Palm Springs, Miami, Lake Tahoe and San Diego…those were vacations but they was years ago. I’ve also had a few mini vacations. There were a couple of weekends on Fire Island, NY. And once he and I had a city staycation with a room at the Royalton. Love that place. But this…this is one of those awesome, yummy, real grow up vacations. We talked about it recently.

Him: How many days now?

SLY: 10. I’m so excited. I want to pack now!

Him: (looks at me funny)

SLY: And guess what? It will be my first time having “Caribbean sex”. (I like giving a theme to sex….”hurricane sex”, “thanksgiving sex”, “christmas sex”, etc.)

Him: It will be my first time too.


I can not wait!!!!! St Maarten, here I come! This is the first of many trips I am hoping to take this year. Do you have any Wanderlust trips coming up?

I think up next regarding this vacation…because there will need to be a BILLION post….perhaps I’ll share my packing list and maybe I’ll make a video with packing tips! How about that!?!?!

 Photo Credit : Joel Hatfield

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  • Kimberly

    I’m going on a cruise next month. One of our stops will be St Maarten. It will be my 2nd trip there its beautiful.

  • Nina Reed

    St Marteen looks gorgeous! One of my friends goes there almost yearly, and this summer she is planning on getting her scuba certification and going on an underwater DSLR photography class, which sounds pretty awesome. Can’t wait to see lots of pictures and posts from you!

    • Adastra @Flexines

      That photography class sounds amazing! Nina and Sheena, have you taken underwater pictures before? I imagine they would be gorgeous if you did!

      • Sheena LaShay

        @Adastra, I have never taken underwater pictures before. I’m not too comfortable with being in water to begin with but getting gorgeous pictures could entice me.

        • Adastra @Flexines

          I’ve seen your contortion photography skills, I bet you can and will!

  • Chris Griswold

    So thrilled for you Sheena! As you know travel is my absolute favorite thing,every new place one visits expands the soul! I’m so pleased you’re taking time off you deserve it!!

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