The Joy of Sexy, Pt 1 with Annemarie Davies

I don’t take pole dance workshops. The last time I made a concerted effort to take one was in 2011. And it was a 10 day immersion at a pole studio that involved sensual movement, partner work, two classes a day for over 10 hours and a reading list which included “The Female Brain.”  <– That was my intro to “pole workshops.”

It’s been three years since and I haven’t taken another one. Workshops seem very temporary to me and whats to be gained in comparison to the prices never compelled me to make a purchase. Plus, I’m not an advanced pole student. I don’t know what category I’d be put in but I know not to sign up for some otherworldly ish by a flexy pole athlete when what’s considered level three at some studios scares the crap out of me. I don’t think I’m the general “target” market group for pole workshops.

So instead of taking workshops, I take specialty classes like aerial hoop 101 or finally after four years, I took a spinny pole class. Therefore when newsletters come out from the 10+ studio subscriptions I have, I hardly get past the opening paragraph, let alone down five pages later where a list of upcoming workshops are listed. I simply haven’t bothered.

Now that you know my mode of operation, know that I broke the pattern of my own behavior. When I became aware of a 3 part workshop taught by Annemarie Davies, “The Joy of Sexy,” it took me only two minutes to sign up. It would have only been seconds but I couldn’t remember my password to log on and make my purchase. I was so scared that in the minute it took me to reset my password all the spots would be taken. I thought #JesusTakeTheWheel as I typed as fast as I could. I made it in time.

So why sign up now when Annemarie has been to New York a gazillion times teaching? Its all about timing, scheduling, price and content! Let’s get to the good stuff.

Was part one of a three part series worth it? HELL YES.

First let’s talk personality. I don’t know Annemarie. I’ve never taken her classes, never worked with her and I don’t think I’ve ever said more than hello while passing by her in a studio. So I took a risk in just signing up for a class with a stranger. But Annemarie is known for promoting sexy and these classes were all about sexy. It’s pretty much a guaranteed good time. I’ve seen her freestyle video., I knew I could learn a thing or two from her. Or ten or thirty things.

So her personality. It was sweet, relate-able, funny, and inappropriately juicy. She knew how to explain her methods and teach them. She offered a a variety of levels to the moves she taught so if it was too hard or too easy, you had options. She would show a move at regular speed, show it slower, explain each part of it and then teach it. Then she asked for participation by having you do the move with her, then she watched and she went around the room helping those who had questions or weren’t pussy flicking correctly. :-)

I signed up for this class because of the content. I’m always looking for ways to explore the sexy side of pole. If given the choice I want a class about hip rolls and sultry walks rather than well…anything else. I take pole because it’s fun and makes my body feel good. Pole for me is foreplay, sex and that after orgasmic glow. I could tell from the workshop description, our philosophies were on par.

According to the website week one’s focus was HEELS: The class description? Walk with intent, strut and spin with confidence, roll your ankles fluidly and sweep the spike of your heels in circles along the floor. Wearing platform heels while dancing on or off the pole is an art. Learn how to use your heels and make them work for you. Become stable, smooth and sexy all at once!

That is why I paid for the workshop. I wanted to learn some more sexy tricks to keep in my side pocket. I don’t know about performing any time soon but when I dance for my lover or participate in High Heeled Hottie Nights, this class seemed like the perfect way to increase my sexy movement vocabulary. But would that happen? I have spent four years taking mainly sensual movement classes and freestyle classes that embrace whatever your own emotional and spiritual sexy expression is. So I did wonder would I really learn something new? Did Annemarie have anything to offer me since I’ve been doing hip circles for 4 years.  HELL YES!

From the moment the class began I knew I was in for it. The warm up….lord…the warm up which was sexy and included new tricks, transitions and figure eight hip rolls that I did not know almost did me in. (I am a bit rusty but still…I saw others sweating too!) The warm up felt like it lasted an hour. Perhaps because it was slow and intentional and deliberate. I remember thinking a few things. “Man this is a long ass warm up BUT I’m enjoying it so that’s cool. We can warm up for the whole class.” I also thought, “I think we have moved passed the warm up and the actual class is happening now.”…. Except Annemarie was like, “That concludes the warm up. Let’s take a break for a moment.” I looked over at Roz the Diva and said, “Shit!? That’s the warm up. I thought that was the class!” She laughed and nodded in agreement.

What I love is that even in the warm up, I learned easily about ten things. Yay! Also the warm up was a proper warm up. At the beginning of class, my body was tight, stiff and I hadn’t been in class in almost three weeks. By the end of the warm up my body was awake. Her warm up was the perfect foreplay! I’ve gone to so many classes where the warm up is so quick and haphazard that it feels like a lover who only kisses your lips, kisses your neck and then proceeds to fuck you. That’s not a warm up or foreplay. That’s just a quickie. I don’t want quickie sex and I don’t want quickie pole. (for the most part.) Therefore, I personally enjoy when a warm up feels like a long, deliberate, teasing, yummy foreplay experience. Annemarie gave us that.

The rest of the class time was devoted to teaching us a few things as noted in the description. She taught us her technique regarding walking in heels around the room and around the pole. Then she proceeded to teach us individual movements that highlighted heel work…. With each of those movements culminating into a mini pole routine. It was simple yet challenging and so fucking sexy. I felt sexy and yummy the entire time. Even when I was awkwardly trying to learn something new. Her octopus, spider, sea creature leg work, floor thing…I don’t even know the name for that ish but at first, I thought…what the hell am I doing? But even in the process of awkwardly learning it, I was having a good time! That matters to me.

I really enjoyed Annemarie’s personality throughout all of this. She was suggestive. Wait no, scratch that. She didn’t suggest anything. She just put it all out there. “Its all about easy access,” she said encouraging us to open our legs wide during floorwork. “If you want to challenge yourself, touch your vagina or do a pussy flick,” she explained during some transition. She was always playing in her hair or reminding us to accentuate the curves of our body and be more snake like. Yum yum. She was encouraging and real. I appreciate that.

All in all I am so glad I took the workshop and next Thursday can’t come fast enough.

Week 2 is all about the Lap Dance and week three is all about the Strip Tease. I personally have taken numerous lap dance and strip tease classes…even still, I know there is something to be gained from Annemarie’s style of it. She definitely has a signature to her movement that speaks to me. And I love her body. It reminds me of mine. She has curves for days. She’s short…. 5 foot 3 and yet her personality is about 10 feet tall and she loves saying pussy and vagina. She could teach “how to stare at yourself in the mirror”, for all I care at this point. But the fact that she’s so comfortable with expressing sexuality and exuding that in her body really makes a difference to me.

I can’t tell you how many pole classes I have had where the teacher says, “And I feel awkward being sexy.” I get that that is their truth….but its hard for me as a student to hear. I want to take classes not just because I’m learning a technique which is important but also because my teacher is confident, understands pole, knows how to teach and is comfortable being human. They don’t have to be perfect but for where my life philosophy is….I just can’t learn a spin from a woman that freaks out at “sexy.” Annemarie comes alive with the word and that makes a difference.

Therefore, considering the price, the teacher and the material covered, it’s an incredible deal. Whether you use February to express your love for others or explore expressions of self love this class is for you. I don’t know if the other 2 classes are sold out or not but if they aren’t, I think its worth it. You will learn some tricks. You will have fun. The energy is the room is yum. And there’s an embodied philosophy of embracing sexual expression that makes a difference…at least to me.

After class, I spilled into the lobby with Roz the Diva and Caitlin. “I wanna go have sex now!” I lamented, “I have to plan my date nights better.” (It might help to read “Lingering Erotic Sensations. Especially point number ONE!)

Once home I called the lover. ” I just took the first class in this workshop series and it was so sexy and yummy and my body feels so good. I learned so many cool things and I feel like I just had sex or something.” I went on for about five minutes describing not only the class and what I learned but how the class made me feel! That is key. You can learn a billion tricks but how do you feel? What emotions have come up? What is your body and mind and soul saying to you after that class?

THAT is why I pole dance. I don’t know if I’ll ever compete. I don’t know if I will ever get certified to teach. I’m not trying to lose 30 pounds. What I am wanting in every pole experience is to fucking feel good, to have a good time, to have the energy of movement tickle my skin. To be so engaged that I walk out of the room feeling on fire. Annemarie gave me that. So if you’re looking to feel fire and you’re not afraid of a pussy flick….sign up!

Two things to finish this up.

My only critique. Our class started about 10 minutes late. It was a planning snafu. The class before us didn’t have poles set up so we were moved to another room…of which there was a current class still happening. So our class started about ten minutes late but Annemarie and the studio made up for it by having the class run ten minutes longer. I’ve seen this at numerous studios. One studio had a author doing a book reading in their pole studio…but forgot that 2 of the other rooms had pole classes happening and the music blared over her reading. So…you know, as studio owners and managers, we just have to remember to look at the the flow of classes and make sure we’ve allotted time to ensure they…flow. B&P, as mentioned made up for it because they extended the class to ensure we got our 1.5hours of sexy.

My only concern. I NEVER remember all of the stuff I learn in a pole class. NEVER ever. Then when freestyle dancing or performing, I resort to the same ish. So imagine paying even more for workshops and such…and forgetting that ish too? Does any one have tips on how to remember all the stuff you learned?


THURSDAYS FEB 6, 13, & 20, 2014
9:00 – 10:30 PM
ALL 3 FOR $60 (OR PER CLASS $25)

Location: Body & Pole


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