The Joy of Sexy, Pt 2 with Annemarie Davies

I have decided that I would like AnneMarie to teach classes in NY two to three times a week. Sexy sensual classes. “Overt-In Your Face-Make You Wet and really Feel Like A Woman” type dance, pole and movement classes all over this illustrious city.

That is what I have determined after part two of Annemarie’s “Joy of Sexy.” Because when I walked into her class my body was tight and restricted. I’ve been bracing my body and my entire self against our 11th f-ing snowpocalypse storm. I have been busy with managing projects in my corporate job. Leading a blogger association/ creative media agency, plotting and planning my next workshops, craft parties and retreats. My plate is full. I’m beginning a script for a short film and pissed that USPS has delayed for a second day my Bodybinds order. Oh also, today I’m leaving work early to meet an ABC news crew at my apartment to talk about childhood sexual abuse and mental disorders.

All that up above….that’s what the hell I walked into class with last night.   Oh also I was invited on a nice international getaway for a week and had to say no. So yeah, Annemarie had to FIX ME. She had her work cut out for her. I honestly thought, if this woman can make me feel yummy again when I feel like the heaviest eskimo ever then…..she’s got the magic touch.

She did it. I mean, I knew she had her work cut out for her when the first hip circle in warm up hurt me. “Oh GAWD,” I thought as my body fought against the movement. However by the time warm up was complete, I was awake, alert and ready for whatever she had in store. My body felt engaged and I was excited.

So first, let’s get the basics out of the way. The class was structured as such. Annemarie taught us a lap dance routine and a chair dance routine. I won’t give away the details of exactly what she taught us because well, that’s why you’re supposed to pay to attend a workshop and that’s her special curriculum and such. What I will say is that I have taken numerous lap dance classes with S Factor. (Remember when I accidentally licked that one girl.) It doesn’t matter how many lap dance classes I took or how many freestyle lap dances I have given in my life…..the moves and routine Annemarie taught us was all new to me. I would have never thought to put that sequence and flow together. Other women in the class, including other instructors echoed that sentiment. Basically put, Annemarie is one of a kind, creative and you can learn a shit ton from her. Plus…again, she sells SEXY. Not just sensuality. Not just dance moves. She’s going to teach you about emoting overt sexy and its an art form.

The chair routine was the same and the lap dance sequence. The choreography was phenomenal and when Annemarie performed it first at 100%, I thought…“Oh thanks for demonstrating your next competition and showcase piece but can you know show us the baby routine we’ll be learning today.” Because girlfriend BROUGHT IT. Her version of the routine was so engaging, so gutteral and so yum. She hit it….Whatever IT was. She hit it over and over again in that routine and she made the chair her bitch. And she made the floor her bitch. And she made the room her bitch. So at the end, of course my train of thought was, “That’s a gorgeous piece for your next event but now show us what we’re going to be learning tonight.”

As complicated and glorious as that routine was, it was actually simple yet comprehensive enough to teach us! Before teaching us, Annemarie sat us down and gave us her research findings on Hysteria. Check out what wikipedia has to say about it. Although its much better coming from Annemarie so if given the chance ask her to tell you her thoughts. This circle up moment of research and personal confessions was something I liked. We were not just learning a sexy routine. We were learning another part of the history of women. Her movement had a story and an emotional core. Her explanation of hysteria and her demonstration of the choreography reminded me of moments from S Factor. (I thinking about my “In My Defense” dance or remember “The Bitch, The Widow & The Housewife” dance ) I love when story and history and emotions connect to dance…and not only dance but sensual and sexual dance. Ugh, Annemarie was just serving it.

And then she taught us the routine and I just love it. I just love it. I remember thinking, “Oh so Annemarie is who I will hire to choregraph my next showcase routine. That’s settled. That’s it. Thank you very much” and also I thought, “Hey Annemarie, about that private session….yeah!

Now keep in mind, chair and lap dance especially with a workshop called, “The Joy of Sexy” means you’re getting up close and personal. Not only are you touching yourself and being sexual and hysterical…but you’re also demonstrating your lap dance on another lady in class. I think some women need to be reminded of this so that they are not in for a shock. Of class was fine. The women gave it to each other. But for those reading who have never taken an Annemarie class, keep in mind these are “sexy” classes, not gospel choir rehearsal or typing class. It’s not called “The Joy of Restriction”…although as I type that…I’d be into that since I like bondage. Which um…hey Annemarie…since you’ve taught a “Joy of Naughty” and “Joy of Sexy,” how about one that explores bondage, fetish, being tied up and the darker side of it all. I don’t know what it would be called but I would take it from you. I’ll take two of whatever you’re selling. Also Annemarie when is your “Joy of Sexy” video series coming out or DVD collection? I’ll buy that too.

Back to the review. I really enjoyed Annemarie. I like her teaching style. I like her personality. Hell, I even like that she took the time to thank me for my week one review on my blog. Then she also asked Roz and I “WHY” did we decide to take her class since we both mentioned how we don’t normally do workshops. I like all that.

If given the chance to experience Annemarie, EXPERIENCE HER. 

My only critique. As I’ve been editing this blog post I received an email from the studio stating, This confirms that your reservation for The Joy of Sexy w/ Annemarie Davies on 2/13/2014 at 9:00pm was missed. If you were at the studio and forgot to sign in at the front desk, please let us know and we will update your account. Make sure to always sign in at the front desk to avoid these emails. Late cancellations or no shows, result in a class credit taken out of your account and for monthly members, a late cancellation charge of $35 for every class missed. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.”

My reply, Thank you for the email. However I did sign in with the front desk when I arrived. I arrived at 6:30pm and stated that I was there to attend the 9pm Joy of Sexy workshop. The front desk asked why was I there so early and I said, “It was either come here early or go home,” considering the snow storm yesterday. Therefore I was not a “no show” nor did I forget to sign in with the front desk. My suggestion would be that you add an additional line to this email. Your email pretty much puts the blame on the client as to why they are confirmed for a “no show.” One other alternative is that your front desk may have messed up. So perhaps add in a line at the end that says, “If you are receiving this email by mistake, we apologize. Let us know and we will update your records. “

My only concern. When it comes to lap dance and chair routines, sometimes specific moves or an entire dance is specific to the type of chair or loveseat you’re performing in. And no one studio or home has the same chair or love seat. Yes you can modify some moves but not all moves. And for instance…there was this one move Annemarie taught us…among many…that I adored and unless I have that specific chair, there’s no way to do the loop through hand thing in order to get my ass up and my ribs up to do the “desperate” move. Also, I think most homes…I could be wrong…but MOST homes have couches. I’d be interested to see someone teach a sexy couch dance. It sounds like a crack head idea. But most often I have a guy chilling on a couch and some of the movements I’ve learned in my classes….just couldn’t apply. So someone…teach me a sexy couch dance too.

An Extra. Last week I posted my part one review on various social media platforms and received the following message. This is why sharing your story and experiences in your authentic voice is important. It also shows you something about bloggers and their influence on purchasing decisions. (And I’m not even a “mommy blogger.” :-) )


THURSDAYS FEB 6, 13, & 20, 2014
9:00 – 10:30 PM
ALL 3 FOR $60 (OR PER CLASS $25)

Location: Body & Pole

Last week I wrote, The Joy of Sexy. Part One


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  • Lea

    She is the best! Glad you had such a good experience. I need to try to take a workshop with her when if she comes back to LA!

  • krissykiki

    This is a great review of why the sexy side of pole can be so good for you. I really hope that I one day have the opportunity to take a class with her in future. :)

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