The Joy of Sexy, Pt 3 with Annemarie Davies

“I bit my panties off the pole. I caught my fucking panties in my mouth. I feel like a superhero. And you can quote me on that,” Caitlin Goodard immediately following Annemarie’s “Joy of Sexy” workshop.

I wasn’t quite sure how I’d write the final installment of my review of The Joy of Sexy with Annemarie Davies. (Read Part 1 here and Read Part 2 here.What exactly do I focus on? How do I pick a single quote out of all the things Annemarie said? What can I say? Luckily, Caitlin says it all.

3 weeks later after learning how to walk in heels in ways I hadn’t before, and after learning new flows for lap dances & chair dances while exploring hysteria…and now, after this ADVANCED LEVEL, panty dripping strip tease workshop….I feel like a fucking superhero. I feel like a sexy supermodel-superhero who can make the world a more fun, lovely, and erotic place one hip circle at a time….one panty flick at a time….one lap dance at a time. I’m playing and I’m serious.

This is what I realize….Annemarie literally teaches the JOY of Sexy. She’s taught us movement and flows. She has shared her philosophy and personal stories. And through it all….I feel sexy and I feel joyful about it. I have had fun. I have played and smiled and been a tease. And I know like 10 more ways to take off booty shorts and panties. And its been so fun!

I think sometimes we can get so serious about pole “fitness” and even about pole dance. And we’re all, “this is my erotic spiritual meditative feminine movement”…blah blah blah. (I say that actually!) And we get so caught up in the latest competition, studio or pole gossip. And really, just let go, and have fun. Take your FUN seriously! That’s what this class was about. Make sure in your sexy…you experience joy!

Annemarie started class with our sexy little warm up and then she had us do a “vamping” exercise. Everyone had various levels of comfort around this type of exercise. I myself realized “vamping” is what I need to do on my photoshoots. When it comes to dancing, feeling sexy, prancing around and starring at myself in the mirror while I do a hip circle…I got that. But when I take photos…which happens a lot since I’m around photographers and am one…I freeze like a deer in head lights. I have not conquered this block. And I think Annemarie may have fixed it for me. I need to do some sexy vamping.

This happens to be an extra, unexpected plus of this workshop. I’ve learned a few practical lifestyle tips too and not just sexy tricks.) But I did learn sexy tricks too…as evident by my text convo with a lover soon after class last night.

"The Joy of Sexy"

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve taken various heel classes, lap dance classes and chair classes prior to week 1 and 2 of Annemarie’s workshop. They have all had their pros and cons but Annemarie’s workshop surpassed them all. Regarding her week 3 striptease class…..she didn’t even surpass others. She’s in a league of her own. Her striptease workshop is literally the best. She’s the best. (I remember taking a burlesque class where the teacher emphasized her dance moves would teach you how to “own the street” and “own the sidewalk” and “own the room.” Using that metaphor Annemarie’s workshop will teach you how to “own the fucking galaxy”.)  She taught us 10 various things regarding shorts or panties. And 10+ things regarding shirts, tanks and tube tops and I get the feeling she knows about 100+ things. I get the feeling if her class was 8 hours instead of 1.5, she’d have unlimited material for us. And she’s so graphic in the most joy inducing, sexy way. Hence…The Joy of Sexy.

After the workshop, Annemarie did a demo dance for us. I saw the second coming of christ in that dance. (Someone’s gonna hate me for that one.) But seriously…I think my mouth hit the floor and stayed there. You have not lived until Annemarie has danced inches away from you in a last minute freestyle where she didn’t even bother to wipe down the poles or put on “sexy clothes”. She just started dancing as she was and it was the best thing ever. She finished her dance, we clapped, cheered and wanted to cry out in pleasure and she had the NERVE to tell us to circle up to do our warm down. Someone beat me to it and told her to dance again.

“You all want me to dance to another song?” she asked. (At this point, class was like 10 or 15 minutes over. I’m sorry work studies!) “Yes, Annemarie. You can do whatever you want,” I yelled out. So she did. She danced to a second song. And I saw the third coming of christ.  _@$))@#()*&%UR)@@#(@

You know, after week 1 and week 2 of her workshop, my sexy had been so stirred up that I literally wanted to go find my lover and have at him. I needed to have sex or a cold shower or something after her workshop. Yeah, after her part 3 workshop last night and her 2 song demo….I was good. I headed home, slept like a damn baby, missed my alarm and arrived at work 30 minutes late. I blame her dance! And she can do it again. And she needs to teach weekly classes in New York. And if you can, get her to your city and your studio and take The Joy of Sexy.

I have no critiques. I have no concerns. I have no qualms. Just get Annemarie in a class. Learn from her. Have fun. Then sit back while she does a demo. Her videos do not do her justice. You need to be inches away from that electrifying energy.

Also last week after my second blog post, Annemarie wrote me saying,I finally sat down and read this all the way through today. Thank you again. This is very kind that you are taking the time to not just write, but allow my work to enter your life in even a small way. I love encouraging female empowerment, I love watching women love themselves. In a world where we are all trained by society to do the opposite, watching women “find their sexy” sometimes brings me close to tears.”

Annemarie….THANK YOU!

You can read my other two reviews here. The Joy of Sexy. Part One and The Joy of Sexy. Part Two


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  • Joyce Ng

    Oh my HOTNESS! I am sad that the Thursday workshop is over :( I like consistency.

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