The Tides and The Setting Sun | Wanderlust Musings

I had never noticed before but the ocean responds to the setting sun. It is all connected. He sat taking pictures and I let the water crash around my feet. I realized that as the sun gradually set, the waves became more moody. The tide crept on the beach….higher and higher. No, not “crept.” It was not subtle at all.

We eventually have to move to higher ground. Whether it is worship, reverence or mourning to the setting of the sun, the tides respond. Or perhaps they are inviting the moon in. Maybe the water is celebrating the anticipation of its evening ritual.

I wonder about the waves. I wonder what it is like to get carried away, lost in the tide, mourning the sun and welcoming the moon.

*Journey entry written during a vacation to St Martin’s. Photo taken at Plum Bay Beach, Terres Basses, St Martin.

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