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It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I love candles. I buy them by the bulk. My favorite two places to purchase candles are World Market and Anthropologie. Be that as it may, I am still a granola girl that loves to make my own things. From deodorants to hair mist to toothpaste and more. Have you seen my DIY recipes on youtube? CLICK HERE. And if its not body and hair products, I’m also trying new food recipes like my Homemade Rose and Lavender Lemonade or Red Velvet Pancakes.
Therefore to curb my candle budget and to spend time with friends, back in May 2013 I did a DIY Candle Making workshop. It was a hit! And we’re doing it again. On March 22, 2014, I’m hosting a Candle Making Workshop in Brooklyn, NY at Shell’s Brooklyn Loft. You can PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

Crafts + Cupcakes is a DIY workshop series for creative and engaging women and men. Each event includes a 4 hour instructional & interactive workshop with access to all relevent resources and typically run over by a few hours because the attendees have so much fun!

I hold these workshop events to encourage each guest to tap into their senses, imagination and creativity. I want to help attendees spur new and unique items and ideas. Using crafts as a vehicle to further self reflection, thoughtfulness, fun and community, Crafts + Cupcakes has held numerous events throughout NYC., an online platform I used to research event venues, interviewed me about my series. Read more here!

You can learn about our previous “Crafts + Cupcakes” workshop parties by clicking here.

My favorite part of all of this is when I receive emails like this.

“Thanks again for hosting an awesome party- it was a great mental vacation for the afternoon, and boy did I need that… Crafts were super fun, thank you for donating your supplies, I’m inspired to do

“Thanks for the recipes.  And a bigger thank you for having these workshops. I always learn something new about the world in general and myself in particular.  Mostly I walk away feeling renewed, empowered and satisfied.”

“I’ve been in such a funk lately that I haven’t quite been able to shake myself out of, and today was just what my soul needed. It was really awesome to be around a new group of women with positive energy, and i definitely walked away with more than the craft projects. I was really looking forward to today and didn’t want to leave by the time I had to go. Needless to say, PLEASE keep ‘em coming! I’m totally looking forward to the next one”

Crafts + Cupcakes celebrated its one year anniversary in January 2014. None that would be possible without the amazing assistance of my two sponsors. Sterling Sweets is an allergen free bakery offering delicious baked goods free from the 8 most common food allergens. Their all-natural and organic ingredients are of the highest quality and their sweets are so tasty. Shell’s Brooklyn Loft is a boutique rental event & co-working space as well an a communal international guest house.


"crafts + cupcakes"

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