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“Chile, when I was growing up, we made everything. Everything except our Sunday best and our walking shoes. Those my mama bought when she could. But we made everything else,” ~ Great Grandma Veola.

She told me that many years ago.  This was when she used to make her tea cakes. Before she was sick. Before she died.

Her influence is all over my life. She baked her wonderful treats using her intuition to measure ingredients. (I try to do that but half the time I mess up.) She always had a garden and grew her own vegetables. Turnip Greens. Tomatoes. Peppers. (I tried to do that. I managed to grow basil and mint.) And she made things….clothes, to be exact. Long before my time, when she wasn’ t picking cotton in Mississippi, she also made things. (I tried too.) Take a moment and enjoy the video below.

“TRY” would be the operative word when it comes to making clothes.

Every other month I host a Crafts + Cupcakes DIY workshop. I pick a few crafts such as homemade body scrubs, art journals, vegan food recipes, sharpie mugs and then we craft together. To push myself, I decided to try a “Fashion & Style” craft by upcycling a bunch of old t-shirts back in September of 2013.

"Crafts + Cupcakes by Sheena LaShay"

Half the attendees made Chevron t-shirts or cut their t-shirts into new designs. The other half of the attendees turned their t-shirts into necklaces and headbands. I procured buttons, fabric markers, t-shirts and more…and we went to town. (Well, I “tried.” I did make a cute headband.)

"Crafts + Cupcakes by Sheena LaShay"

I really do enjoy the act of creating something with my hands in a community of friends. You learn about people and their life philosophies by how they manage to cut a t-shirt. You get to see how they problem solve, how to speak to others and often while busying themselves with buttons and glue, they reveal their true passions, concerns and thoughts.

"Crafts + Cupcakes by Sheena LaShay"

I am very grateful for the evolution of Crafts + Cupcakes. It truly is an afternoon of fun, friendship and festivities. For some its a networking event. For others its a DIY class. For others its a relaxing getaway filled with guacamole and laughter. Whatever it is to each woman…and occasional man, I am grateful for their presence.

"Crafts + Cupcakes by Sheena LaShay"

It doesn’t take much to host your own craft party. Ours simply started with an email and a facebook update and look at how its grown. I’ve met new people. Found sponsors. Learned how to create new things and it just keeps getting better!

"Crafts + Cupcakes by Sheena LaShay"

 To see all the images from our September Crafts + Cupcakes, check out my album on Google+. Our next event is scheduled for March 22nd, 2014. Check out ticket info here.

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