Top 5 Emotional Pole Dance Videos

This month the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association is exploring Emotionality, Spirituality and Pole as part of our monthly blog hop. To read the introduction post which includes writing prompts, CLICK HERE. If you have a blog and an opinion, be sure to enter this month’s writing challenge.

My first entry in the blog hop is a list of my pick of the top 5 emotional pole dances.

A few things to note.

  • Most of the best emotional pole dances I have seen were never recorded, unfortunately.
  • I am sure there are plenty of pole dances that were emotional but for some reason it wasn’t conveyed in the video.
  • “Emotional” can span a wide range of emotions…although there seems to be a common theme towards what resonates with me. To view a list of emotions, go here.

The common themes of what makes an “emotional” dance for me include

  • The dancer is PRESENT in her movement. Therefore she isn’t going through the motions. She is the motion.
  • The dancer is in tuned with her SENSES. The dancer is aware of everything from her body, to her surroundings and more.
  • The dancer understands MUSICALITY. The dancer moves with the music, through the music, above the music and under the music.
  • The dancer is telling a STORY.
  • Personally, the dancer picked a song that I like.

In no particular order, here are my TOP 5 EMOTIONAL POLE DANCE VIDEOS.

1. Crystal Belcher – Strange Fruit

2. Kristy Sellars – Gravity

3. Caitlin Goodard – Fool of Me

4. Alethea Austin – Thirteen

Thirteen – Pole Dance Alethea Austin from Alethea Austin on Vimeo.

5. Aerial Amy – Beautiful

 These songs and performances convey different emotions. What emotions is expressed in each according to you? 

Articles of Note that explore my thoughts on either Emotionality, Spirituality, Pole or the Power of Art.

Emotionality and Sexuality | Spiritual Eroticism | Provoke: Under the Influence of Change | Maintaining Emotional Balance

 Also, it might help to see the kind of art that resonates with me. For reference, please check out my pinterest board, “Theater That Stirs My Soul or “Photography Favorites” or “Dark Magic” or “Dia de Los Muertos” or “SLY Photoshoot” or “Pure Expression”

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  • Nina Reed

    The videos of Crystal and Kristy are two of my all time favorites as well! I don’t think I’ve seen the last three before, but I will have to watch them now :)

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