Sacred Bombshell Academy Book Launch

She wrote me on Valentine’s Day. Her message opened with calling me a goddess and stating that I was fabulous. She wanted to interview me for her column on Mommy Noire, quote me in ESSENCE and possibly include me in her soon to be published book.

I plugged her name into google after calming from all the flattery and I quickly learned about the force that is ABIOLA ABRAMS.

Our interview was over an hour and a half. It seemed she wanted to know everything. My life experiences, my family history, my journey to self, my infatuation with buddhism and more poignantly, she wanted to know about my life of beauty.

“…..Beauty as a spiritual practice is how I would describe your work as well.” ~ Abiola

In April of 2014,  part of my interview with Abiola was featured on, just in time for Sexual Abuse Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month, “Healing from Sexual Abuse and Reducing Stigmas.”

I was extremely grateful and glad to have encountered Abiola. However, that wasn’t the end of the story.

A month later, Abiola contacted me to say that a much longer version of my interview with her would be featured in her upcoming book, “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.”

My response, “WHAT!!! I’m in a book. Talking about healing from abuse, Pema Chodron, beauty, pole dancing and more! WHAT!!!!!”

I was overjoyed and excited. I was even more beside myself when Abiola asked me to be a speaker at her Sacred Bombshell Academy Book Launch. Fellow speakers include Emily Tepper, Cherise Fisher, Ellen Smoak, Dayanara Marte, Kara Stevens, Arielle Haspel, Davisha Davis, Katie Cercone, Erin Ralph and Millana Snow.

The event takes place on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at the Freebrook Mansion in Brooklyn, NY. Abiola events all women to join our panel of “11 powerful women who make this world brighter, to share their self-love and self-healing lessons  in 11 minute talks and workshops.” She describes it as “a mini TEDx of self-love and women’s empowerment.” <— Basically my life language and personal gospel!

This event is $18. However if you purchase the pre-sale digital version of the book, you can attend for free with your book receipt. Get your tickets by visiting the Sacred Bombshell Academy Book Launch eventbrite page.

Now aside from highlighting this book because I’m IN IT and because I’m giving a wonderful, yummy, pleasure filled keynote address, I’m highlighting this book because IT IS GOOD!!!
When Abiola wrote me on Valentine’s day inquiring about an interview, her google results yielded some bright, bubbly and pink results. In one video she had a boa on. In another her pearly white teeth were shining glorious. She reminded me of sugar and happiness and unicorns and glitter. While I was excited to share my story and answer her questions, I did wonder if her and her community was just….a LOT OF PINK SUNSHINE! I also wondered if her book would be “happiness and unicorns and glitter.” I mean, you know me, I’m grace with grit. I’m a bombshell but I drop a fuck bomb every other day too. Abiola has a pink boa and I pole dance with a 3 inch spiked bondage collar. So you know, I wondered if her book was even….for me!
Goodness, gracious. I received a galley copy of her book and I was blown away by the depth and its lightness. I was blown away by the beauty, the strength, the vulnerability and her courage to share her darkness too. Whether you are glitter and pink boas or a bit gritty with some hints of kink in your approach to self love, empowerment and life, this book can speak to you.
Abiola defines a bombshell as “a woman who owns herself: mind, body, and spirit” and she has her own “Tao of Bombshell” with four core bombshell beliefs.
  • I am only in a relationship with myself. My life reflects the love I feel for me. I must see myself as the Universe sees me.
  • There is nothing more important than feeling good, being with goodness, and accepting my highest good. This is my birthright.
  • I am fully responsible for myself, my life, and my personal power. Anything else is just a story.
  • Being willing to welcome feminine energy – femergy – is the pathway to my Self.

 So basically this book is…. my life language and personal gospel!

If you’re in New York, come out and join us. No matter where you are, get the book! Get the book for you and your sisters and your mother and your daughter and your wife and your co-worker and any other woman. There’s something in it for you and for her!

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