Joanna Ross – #30DaysofGratitude

Today, I am utterly grateful for my friend Joanna Ross, who happens to be one of the most creative, talented, funny and kind people that I know.

I have pretty much grown up in the creative industry from dance to theater to even a stint in the publishing industry…i.e. D.C. Comics. Therefore I know what its like to work with actresses, producers, directors and more. There are so many different personalities and complexes and really, you just get all types.

Joanna who happens to be a producer, comedian, former Broadway dancer, actress, yoga teacher and more, is one of the ones you want on your team. She understands what respect is. She truly values everyone. She makes sure the performers are okay. She makes jokes! And she’s so fun to be around. She’s also open and she wants to hear your opinions and she’s up for whatever adventure. I send her lots of suggestions and she’s like, “Cool. Yes. Let’s try it. When!?”

I’ve only known her for less than two years after showing up at a charity event that became a monthly event called Schtick A Pole In It. Since then, I’ve performed three times (once as the most epic ZOMBIE), attended numerous times and had the pleasure of doing other things with Joanna. For instance we filmed a series of videos chatting together. So far, I’ve only edited part one and part two, as seen below. (There is enough footage for 10 videos. I can’t wait to share more. We talked abut what its like to live in a studio apartment with your boyfriend AND work with him ALL the time as well as my issues with comedy and more!) She also was kind enough to write a wonderful article for the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association, “Five Reflections on Being a Producer.”

So Joanna, thank you for being an awesome woman. Thank you for being you. For creating things that build community and push joy and fun out into the world. Thank you for always inviting me to be a part. Thank you for being such a respectful, kind and wonderful producer. Thank you for listening. Thank you for all the hugs and for the tea. Thank you for being a Wild Magical Woman making art and wrecking havoc in the name of creativity all over the world.

I have been a New York for four years now and you have made my time here so incredible. And as a dancer and performer, I thank you for all that you do for our industry. I’ve been on dance teams and a member of a dance company, I’ve worked all the difference positions as a theater artist from stage manager to actress to director and you value and respect our time. You make sure everyone is heard. You know when to be the BOSS and when to let others step into the spotlight. You’re fair, intelligent, decisive and commanding while still being approachable, relate-able and the cool girl at the party. And as a friend, I thank you for having the patience to teach me about comedy….because I was a bit close minded and you split my complex in half and showed me a better way of viewing it all.

 Enjoy more links below including info about Schtick A Pole In It and two of our videos!




Joanna Ross is a comedian, yoga instructor, actress, former Broadway dancer and the co-producer of “Schtick A Pole In It…….a night of comedy and pole dancing.” Schtick It can be seen on the 4th Saturday of every month at R Bay NYC at 8pm. The next Schtick It takes place on July 26th




#30DaysofGratitude -

 This post is part of my 30 Days to 30 Birthday challenge, #30DaysofGratitude where I write love letters to all the people who have made my almost 30 years in this world lovely. I would encourage you to write a letter today to someone who has made space for creativity and art in your life. Whether it was your second grade music teacher, your high school drama director or the lady who helped you make a homemade candle during your last island vacation, just write a love letter to them!

Photo Credit 1: Jazzmine Beaulieu Photography, LLC 


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