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I’m grateful for Troy because after meeting him and building a connection rooted in a no nonsense, no bullshit, straight shooting type of way, Troy morphed from being a friend of the family, to my own friend to a business confidant.

I don’t usually mix business with my friends. I like to keep it separate. However, when you find someone so intelligent, upfront and talented… You take a humble posture and learn what you can.

Troy pushes me and challenges me. I don’t want to be around anyone who keeps me stagnant or inspires nothing in me. Troy is constantly inspiring me as it relates to all aspects of my business. If there were a Board of Directors for Sheena LaShay LLC, Troy would be a part of that round table group.

From wanting to customize my invoices to how I package my services to new business projections, Troy is who I go to. If I need help with social media, technology, contracts, pricing or if I just need to vent about a business  deal that didn’t go through, he is who I go to. When I have an idea, when I’m not sure it will work, when it doesn’t make sense, I ask Troy.

And what makes it work is that he gives me his honest, no holds barred opinion. Troy is not froo froo and fluffy. He’s not going to ask me about “the energy or spirit of my work.” <– all important aspects too. Troy is going to focus on the logistics, the details, the nitty gritty. If I need to meditate before speaking to a client, that’s not his concern. If I need to reframe my pitch ideas or come up with three negotiating tactics, Troy has input.

His thoughts are not like mine. His approach is unique. He comes from an entirely different perspective. He’s one of the godfathers of tech or invested in voicemail or something. I don’t know. But I do know he’s been at it for 20+ years and I’m so glad our friendship grew into a trusting business relationship.

What I also know is that Troy knows business and he agrees that hustlers do actually sleep and if you’re gonna promise the moon to a client, your ass better deliver.

What I also value about my connection to Troy is that he shares his thoughts with me too. If he finds a new app, a new tech website, an article, a video on business tips…. He will share it with me. I know about because of Troy. I base my contracts off of one of Troy’s. I know a great deal because of his direct advice or from following his example.

My phone might ring and when I asnwer it Troy goes in, “Sheena, I have a new idea….” And in less than five minutes he has shared something I wish I had thought of first.

Or I’ll email him, “Troy look at this marketing strategy. What if I applied this to dance?” I might go on to say.

As a business woman, I owe a lot to Troy. He seriously has made me a better entrepreneur.

Another one of my favorite things about Troy aside from his addiction to provoking the masses with thoughts on parenting, church and relationships…. Is when he’s mid sentence with me on a call and we are deep in it talking about the best business idea ever and it just might induce the second coming of Christ because it’s so amazing and the seas are parting because we are so brilliant and right before I say another word he stops me, “Hold on Sheena. It’s my son on the the line. I will have to call you back tomorrow or something.” He literally stops me mid sentence, no apologies and cuts the call after a quick goodbye.

I love Troy’s mindset of business but I love how for him, no matter what, no matter where, no matter who… His family comes first. I respect that I about him.

Troy, thank you for everything you have taught me about business and family. Thank you for every call where you teach me something else or inspire me and thank you for every time you cut the convo short because … Family first.

 Troy Nalls is a father first and a business man. He’s the Digital Media Manager for Breakwind Entertainment and Founder of James Evans Project. His clients include but are not limited too Dave Hollister, Rickey Smiley and Eric Roberson. Troy is available for business coaching, training, speaking and social media strategies. His current course, “How to Work With Celebs and get PAID” is sold out and will not be available again until August/September. 



This post is part of my 30 Days to 30 birthday challenge, #30DaysofGratitude where I write love letters to all the people who have made my almost 30 years in this world lovely. I would encourage you to write a letter today to someone who was brought to you by absolute divine connection.

#30DaysofGratitude -


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