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Back in April I had the opportunity to travel to Maine with photographer Charles King for a Lighthouse Photo Op Adventure. While I packed all of my heavy DSLR camera gear…which paled in comparison to the traveling photo studio Charles brought…., the key shots of my trip were taken with either my iPhone 4 or my #VZWBuzz Nokia Lumia Icon. Go figure! To enhance my photos I used a variety of Olloclip lens coupled with the SnapSeed and PictapGo apps on my iPhone. To push myself, I edited my pictures a bit differently than normal.

"portland maine photography"

Maine was magical and moody. It was rainy and lobster was so prevalent that even the breakfast included Lobster Omelettes. I learned that unless you were born in Maine, you will never be considered a Mainer. I met two ladies who volunteered at the Lighthouse Gift Shop and both had lived in Maine for 15+ years. Even still they insisted they were not Mainers. Well, they didn’t insist. The town let them know.

Both images above were taken on my iPhone and I used my wide angle Olloclip lens to get the full effect. Add in a few adjustments and edits in my favorite photography apps and I love the finished product!

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Now what’s the big deal about the Olloclip! Ummm EVERYTHING!!!!!! I’ll gradually be showing you a bunch of photos I take with their various lens. For instance, look below. On the left hand side, you can see an edited image taken on my iPhone 4.

TIP: When taking landscape shots with your smartphones, turn your phone horizontally to produce a moderately wide angled image. It will be a wider shot than if you took the image with your phone vertically. This is similar to how sometimes in Microsoft Word your document needs to be “portrait” and sometimes “landscape”. Same rules for photography too but you can’t click a button, you’ve got to rotate your phone.

Be that as it may, using JUST my iPhone horizonatally produced the image on the left. Adding in my wide angle Olloclip lens, I was able to get the image on the right. Do you notice the difference? I was standing at the EXACT same spot, holding my camera in the EXACT same way. And yet the image on the right was able to include MORE of the landscape into the shot. You really notice it towards the bottom and top of the image on the right. You see more sky and more of the cliffy rock formation. Having a wide angle lens for your smartphone prevents you from having to walk backwards 20 feet or more just to get the same shot! How cool is that!?!?!?

Oh also, you can click the image below to see it larger so that you can really note the differences.


Now, I really should have been taking an equal amount of images on my iPhone as to my Canon DSLR as to my Nokia Lumia ICON to show the difference between the three but I was loving the Olloclip on my iPhone too much to care about the others. I’d love for Olloclip to create lens for other types of phones. They did just releases lens for the iPad.  (If you wanna see what my Nokia can do while ONLY editing on it and forgetting about my iPhone, check out THIS POST.)

While I failed on the “take comparative images on your ICON” test, I did however take VIDEO on my ICON because that is where it makes the difference. First, you will notice a dramatic difference in my photos than the videos. A bit of it because of my EXTRA editing choices and a bit of it because the photos were taken on a different day than the video. Even still, what I like about the video is that the sound of the LOUD and magnificent ocean is not drowned out and overblown with a “phone’s speakers.” This is because the ICON is designed to take wonderful video and audio of events like concerts or a drag race! (Watch that video here to understand what I mean.)

Now as I mentioned I travelled with a fellow photographer, Charles King. I met him during the first workshop and retreat of the Reliquarian team headed by renowned photographer, Jessica Lark. I met Jessica on twitter and its been a love fest since. She recounts our story here.

So I’m with Charles on this Maine trip and as mentioned, he brought an ENTIRE photography studio, so of course he produced epic shots like this and he also created a cinemagraph of ME! Now there are apps on your phone that let you do this but Charles did it the manual and professional way with his fancy camera, so it makes it even sweeter for me! Also if you look closely, you can see my olloclip on my iPhone. He got me while I was editing!

Overall, my road trip to Maine was fun. I learned a few cool things about photography from trying new stuff and from impromptu lessons from Charles. I ate a TON of lobster and a Maine whoopie pie. I will definitely have to go back again for a longer period of time. However, for the 24 hours I was there, I am grateful.

You can learn more about Charles via facebook, his website and twitter

Also, don’t get your panties in a bunch about all the links. (In fact, take your panties off all together.) For ease of reference, please note there are NO affiliate links in this post. There are just links to shit I love, people I love and the companies who like to gift me with fun tech trinkets. For all those FCC reasons and my personal integrity and your peace of mind and because I can be a snarky person, please know I received my Nokia Icon Lumia via Verizon Wireless as part of the #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger group. Also, I received my Olloclips complimentary from Olloclip because they rock and because they feel I rock. And because everything isn’t free, know that I paid for my iPhone and my Canon and photo gear which served as a paper weight were paid for by me.


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