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Back in July of 2014 I had the chance to fly out to Chicago for the weekend to visit my sister, best friend and a bunch of other friends I know from Chicago. I am originally from Chicago. Born and raised. I went to college 30 minutes away from the city and then lived in Chicago, bouncing around from apartment to apartment for five more years before finally moving to New York.

Since moving to New York, I have only been back to Chicago once. I was one of the event managers for a corporate picnic prior to coming to NY and so was flown back to Chicago to attend that actual event. Even though Chicago is less than a two hour flight away, I always pick a different destination when given the chance.

I was prompted to visit again this time because my 20 year sister had just gotten engaged and I wanted to see her before she was married since she was in Illinois for the summer. Remember Bianca? She goes to school in Texas. (Watch my “Meet Bianca” video here. ) So…with all that being said, enjoy my Chicago travel vlog from this past summer. I didn’t film nearly enough as I went to so many dinners and brunches while I was there. I was too busy catching up to pick up my camera. However I did capture a couple interesting moments.

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  • Rosalind Bigg

    It’s not the last season of Grey’s! *saying a long, silent prayer right now* It makes me so sad that Shonda moved on from Grey’s. It’s going the way of Private Practice. So sad. Yeah, they’ve milked it. But, there’s more to be told. They just need to explore different angles, which I think they’re setting up to do this season.

    I’ll be making my first trip to Chicago this January. You made it look gorgeous. Although, I’m sure it looks quite different in the winter. Are there any “not to be missed” places that you’d recommend?

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