2 Direct Examples of How Every Second Counts – Droid Turbo #VZWBuzz

Two weeks ago, I did something I have NEVER DONE BEFORE!!!!! In all my years of being tech savvy and especially since becoming a lifestyle blogger for Verizon Wireless, this has never happened…..I finally broke my phone!


I’ve dropped phones before but they turned out okay. One phone was doused with water and turned out okay. One phone had a screwed up sim card but my content was protected because Verizon works with great vendors that create products that last, are sometimes waterproof and have great systems for backing up your content.

But, through a fluke and a weird angle, I dropped and BROKE my new Droid Turbo that I had ONLY had for a month which was gifted to me during the #VZWBuzz Influence Summit which included a day at the NFL Headquarters. (That day led to an THIS awesome blog post, by the way.)

I didn’t even crack the screen. The screen is just blacked out. Its just weird and I can’t use it. So for the time being, I’ve switched back to a back up phone.

The reason why this is TRAGIC for me….and trust me….we all have problems and truly if this is one of my problems, I have a lot to be grateful for….but the reason why its tragic is because in the short month I had my phone, I noticed some things I just loved.


I mean, I could speak tech talk…but that’s not my cup of tea. The point is, I noticed when I’d go to download pictures, videos, attachments, editorial calendars, proposals via my email accounts on my phone….that stuff downloaded immediately. I tested it in a very New York way. So the 33rd, 28th and 23th stops on the #6 train in New York are set up in a way that I am connected to the internet at each stop. This means that for the >1 min the train is at that station, I can check instagram REAL QUICK or maybe facebook REAL QUICK before the train pulls off down the tunnel and I lose reception again. I’ve ALWAYS known that in that short time at the stations, there isn’t enough time to download the rest of an email that contains a blogger’s newsletter with all those images or there isn’t enough time to download a content calendar a client sent over to me to edit. (Look at this quick youtube video to see the short time the train is in the station.)

Yeah, so with my Droid Turbo…..I COULD!!!!! Every second counts….counted, I mean…with my phone. So if you’re pressed for time or are a typical New Yorker working on  lots of stuff and constantly switching priorities between clients and projects and you just need those attachments real quick for the 30 seconds you have a brief connection….you get to do that with the DROID TURBO. I miss my phone!



Ummm, the Droid Turbo charges in 15 minutes. POINT BLANK PERIOD. I mean, the battery itself lasts for a good while but I drain my batteries considering all I do on my phone. I noticed in many instances where the phone charging in 15 minutes made life easy but one recent way I noticed was as such.

So I’m at work and I knew later that day we had our office holiday party. So its now 5:00 pm and I need to wrap up my work, change in the bathroom into my awesome party dress and head to the party at the Park Hyatt New York. I realize as I’m clearing off my desk that my phone is close to dead. There’s like 10% battery left and how can I go to a holiday party with a phone that’s not charged? How am I gonna take selfies and post them on instagram and tag Modcloth so they know I wore one of their dresses. I want to be able to hashtag #CUTE and I can’t do that if my phone is dead. Yeah, in the 15 minutes it took me to put on my dress and add a little make up, I plugged in my phone and when I was done adding my lipstick, my phone was doing being charged. That speed is everything! I’m telling you. 10850264_800118081668_4636393911331982442_n

There are so many other cool aspects regarding the Droid Turbo…many of which I didn’t even get to fully explore because I dropped and broke my phone in a fluke accident….ahhhh! I miss my phone!

The lesson though in all of this is that by saving time with downloads that I can do on the train in a short time frame or by being able to fully charge my phone while applying makeup….I have time to be present in my life. If I can multitask and edit a content calendar I downloaded on my phone while on the train, it means when I go home, I don’t have to do it. I can just play with my kittens, drink some tea and catch up on Hulu or call a cute guy and set up our next date. By saving time and being able to charge my phone quickly and fully, it means when I’m at the holiday party, I don’t have my phone in the corner charging…which means I’m sort of hovering by it because who wants to leave their phone unguarded in a public hotel space? And since I don’t have to worry about hovering over my phone while it charges because I was able to do it before, I can just BE PRESENT. And I don’t have to be frustrated or be the one saying, ‘Ugh, my phone is dead.” I can just be fabulous and enjoy myself.

I’m a New Yorker. I’m “busy.” I’m always working on something. So when a tech device helps me get things done faster so I can also relax, slow down and be present….YAY for them. So yay for the Droid Turbo and Verizon Wireless.

ADDENDUM: Umm…I went to the Verizon Wireless website to find a stock photo I could use for this blog and found this info listed, “Droid Turbo Screen Assurance. Droid Turbo just got even tougher. Now, if the chemically strengthened display becomes damaged during the first two years, you can replace it once for free. It’s the extra confidence you need so you can rise to the moment.” I need to get my ass to a Verizon store right now! Plus I have insurance. See, I’ve been “too busy” to even handle this and there was an answer to my problem. Are you kidding me?! ERGH!

*Photo Credit: Verizon Wireless


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*Disclaimer – I received my Droid Turbo because I’m a Verizon #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own because otherwise what would be the point? 


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