Why Sensual Power Will Change Your Life

These are the private messages I receive from women all over the world. Some I know personally, others I’ve never met before and don’t even know their last name.

“I have been thinking about you because I have realized I haven’t fully tapped into my sensuality/sexuality There is a side of me that is dying to get out and I have no idea how to let it out.  You are an inspiration to me in that area.”

“I have been on quite a journey in the past year but the past 3 months especially. This is my year for sexual exploration, healing and embracing this dance that has been wanting to happen for a very long time. As part of this journey I need [to talk] to some women who have no reservations fully expressing their sexuality and as a result are experiencing the ripple effects that I believe happen when sexuality is fully embraced- confidence, creative expression, success, living life “out loud”. You were the first person that came to mind for me.”

I’ve been having this sexuality mid life crisis, if that makes sense. I feel free and want to break out in an overt and uncomfortable/awkward (for others) way but for myself and the boo.”

“Hey beautiful woman, I’m so in awe as a survivor like myself that you are able to “own” your femininity and sexuality. I still feel at odds with my needs or desires- sexually. You’ve obviously done a lot of work around this- I’ve worked too on the coming out of it, but still feel tethered to feelings of guilt, shame and power shift when I sleep with someone. Any words or advice? I trust you completely.”

“You & I need to have a drink and I wanna talk to you all about hate fucking vs. trust fucking and how my vagina wasn’t breathing for years!!!!! It’s a whole new epiphany for me.”

“I want to be you when I grow up. Just read this and my heart is broken open again. You taught me to keep at it even when I want to hide – like all of this year.”

“I don’t know how but I’m coming to you. There are things I need to be taught that I believe you could teach me. Sexual siren things. Embrace your sexy kinky things. I don’t know how how but I’m coming to you. That is all. I need to start embracing everything.”

“Just dropping by to say I’m watching you kill it lately and as always super proud of you, and in lust with your alpha female business finesse sex appeal Hope you’re well!”

“I Met Sheena L. Young through a hashtag. Her tweets were snarky, and salacious simultaneously. I love her I think because she is parts of myself I wish I was more often, and more unapologetically. She’s given me a good amount of quiet courage and strengthening, simply by being her sexual, intelligent, genuine self. She inspired me a lot while writing the book, and has been exactly who I coveted with The Reliquarian project during its conception, molding it’s form into a gorgeous presence, sometimes purposefully and sometimes by unknown extension… It’s a different kind of intoxication, not so much that she inspires projects, but she inspires my sense of self, and my self is then poured into my artistry. She is a muse because she shares with the world all her muses, and the way she looks at things shows the hidden magic in things I see as ordinary, even when the ordinary is simply myself. If Femininity and Eroticism and Intellect were interwoven into one physical manifestation it would be this woman… she is a librarian of all things fierce and I consistently look forward to what she will share with me, and she brings me things like this, and they water my soul and encourage me to grow. Loudly.”

There are a few glaring trends to note in why women are drawn to me, inspired by me, or chose to work with me.










I’ve spent my life tapping into being Sheena LaShay in all my glory through creative ways, through moving my body, through learning, personal development and finding my true center of spirituality. As I found myself, I’d share my story. I’d blog about my epiphanies or I’d tell a friend about my latest date at dinner or I’d take a dance class as a form of fitness. I’ve found that the more I explore and try new things and find ways to be more of me….more women write me hoping to learn that secret too.

The truth of the matter is that its not a secret. Hmmp. I even wrote a blog post called, “The Secret Syndrome.”  In that post I give 4 tips towards living your dreams and prospering. In “Rock It. Own It. Be About It.” I share 7 tips towards confidence.  In this youtube video, I give you 3 more of my personal  tips to confidence.  In Battling Fits of Fear, I tell you how I started living my own life.

You see any time I learn a new way to live better or explore pleasure or delve into my deep desires, I share it all over. On my blog. On facebook. On my youtube videos. Over coffee with friends. I want you to know because I want to inspire you to live a POWERFUL and AUTHENTIC life. Meaning I want you to live in your truth and pleasure.

But….I also get that you could read all the blog posts in the world and you might still find yourself at home crying…or feeling like their is a missing link or wondering when the changes will happen. And the truth of the matter is that a book alone won’t save you and my 3 tips to confidence won’t magically make your life incredible.

A HUGE part of tapping into your authentic nature or getting out of that sexual mid life crisis or going on a spiritual journey back to self involves your BODY.  Whether you hate it, love it, own it, cover it, expose it or whatever. YOUR BODY is a HUGE part of what makes you alive, directs the energy of your life and affect your relationship with others and the world at large. We’re human. (We’re magical, spiritual holy beings…but we are humans in BODIES. Even Jesus…in all his glory, was born into a human body….in order to change the world. There’s something fascinatingly curious about why he needed to become a human… I digress.)

Actually let’s pause for a second. I want to go back to something I wrote in college, in a post called, “This is My Body That is Broken”

“But isn’t there some reason He made the Word FLESH. He put His sovereignty in a BODY. And doesn’t that mean something. That Jesus says this is my body that’s broken. Isn’t there something important about the Body.

Why is Body important? I said because we are fleshy people. We can talk theory all day. But I can see, hear, touch, and smell your body. Its how one human is connected to another. I can’t smell a theory. Maybe then there lies an importance in sexuality. With all his infinite power God could have put the “sex drive” or sexuality thing in some other form. But its the Body. You have your theory of love. But you confess it through your mouth. But before that, you see another human being and there’s something that attracts you. And you smell her. And you touch her and you kiss her which means you taste her. And you are connected. One body to another.

There’s a reason God put us in Body form. And Bodies do. They were made for action. Theories linger, but your body moves in the world.” ~ Sheena LaShay

That’s where the disconnect happens. We get all smart with our theories and intellectual modulars for releasing trauma when a huge part of being Sheena and of being HUMAN was/is to connect to my body. And two of the BEST ways I’ve ever connected to my body was through sensuality and through movement…specifically pole dance and feminine movement. (Theater is a running 3rd…which is why creativity and art is so important to me.)

Let me define sensuality for you. James Arthur Baldwin says,To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, of life itself, and to be present in all that one does, from the effort of loving to the making of bread.” 

In my post, “The Problem with Sanitization in the Pole Industry,” I define sensuality as,“the embodied experience of our physical, spiritual and emotional senses. Thus sight, sound, taste, touch and smell….[to begin with]. Why is sensuality frightening? Because when truly engaged, it forces you to see yourself and to see yourself in relation to the world and others. It forces you to be aware of the affect [that] things and people have on you and you on them. Some people aren’t ready for that. It’s a cousin of sexuality but it also [has] little to do with it. So when you want to sanitize sensuality from [life], you are asking for [people] to simply go through the motions. I find that boring.”

I’m often told I’m one of the most fascinating people in a room. Its because I’m not boring. I’m not boring because I tap into my sensuality by truly connecting with the world and the people in my life and I find ways to engage with what aligns with my values and desires. I’m also curious, a bit taboo-ish and not afraid. Whether people agree with me or not, they’ll all maintain I’m probably one of the most dynamic people they know.

So WHY WILL SENSUAL POWER CHANGE YOUR LIFE???? Well, because it changed mine. And as evident by the numerous messages I receive, its resonating with women all over the world. Therefore, in addition to reading my free blog posts and watching my videos….I know I have to extend myself further. It’s why I have DIY craft parties so that we can get together and use our hands to create and use our senses to create beautiful things together whether it be a DIY soy candle or hand drawn Sharpie Mug. Its why I have workshops and retreats that focus on expression and connection.

And its definitely why I said yes to partnering with Abioloa Abrams, Emily Tepper and Carmen Victornio for a Love-Sexy Relationship Empowerment Bootcamp this Friday, December 19th. If any of the notes I’ve received above resonated with you in any way….this workshop is for you. Abiola says, We are going to be clearing away all of the love gunk from this year and setting the foundation for a powerful, pleasurable, and passionate new year.” Our combined forces and master class will include coaching, reiki, meditation, guided discussions and a sensual power pole class.

Remember, I first met Abiola when she interviewed me for MommyNoire regarding Healing From Sexual Abuse and Reducing Stigma. (You knew that about me right. I was sexually abused for 7 years of my childhood by my “legal” father. I was raised in a cult by a leader who forced me to be silent regarding the abuse. And by my sophomore year of college, I’d lost track of how many times I had tried to take my own life. ) After hitting it off, Abiola decided to feature me in her book, The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love

I’m calling all the WILD, MAGICAL WOMAN or as Abiola puts it, the SACRED BOMBSHELLS and I’m inviting you to join us. I’m so excited. I’ve got a titallating playlist for you, I have some fun prompts that will push you a litte and a few moves up my sleeve that I’ll be imparting on you as a way to tap into your power.



The female body has tremendous power, and we are only now beginning to revisit that power, not as something to be wielded for manipulative purposes, or something to be ashamed of, but as something to embrace, explore and share. – Claire Griffin Sterret in the Siren Spotlight Interview


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Sheena LaShay is a Wild Magical Woman, Intellectual Sensual Shaman and Cultural Provocateur. Keeping it simple, you could say she's a Writer and an Erotic Artist.
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