5 Remarkable New York Hotels for the Professional Bohemian Nomad

As a lifestyle blogger, wanderlust gypsy, curious person, boutique business owner and separately as project manager for a luxury travel company, I have the pleasure and honor to see and experience amazing things in the travel industry. This year, you will definitely see a lot more posts on my travel adventures around the world and cultural experiences in New York City. Starting out the year, as I prepare for the two day Virtuoso North East Regional meetings, I’m sharing with you 5 Remarkable New York hotels for the Professional Bohemian Nomad.

This is my favorite curated list of the many, I will be sharing with you because I myself, am “The Professional Bohemian.” We will get more into what that is when I share about my 2 day immersion experience with the Park Hyatt New York and Andaz 5th Avenue.  I was even quoted in Travel Weekly because of that experience! So therefore I present to you my curated list of creative, artistic, adventurous yet local and luxurious hotels for the Professional Bohemian Nomad.

Ace Hotel – The Lobby

"The Ace Hotel New York" - sheenalashay.com

I first discovered the Ace Hotel while googling for co-working spaces in Manhattan. While I can be productive at home, sometimes I like the feeling of being surrounded by others in a cool spot in the city. Enter, ACE HOTEL. Different reviews mentioned how their lobby was a great spot to meet friends, grab a drink or simply work. People held business meetings there, stuffed envelopes or edited videos. Multiple reviews even mentioned that there was free wifi. To get the password, you simply went to the front desk and asked for it. Not only was the hotel a great spot for getting things done, they also ENCOURAGED co-working. This is my go to spot to work. On a Saturday afternoon, you can find me here editing photos, videos and writing blog posts. Please note, I have yet to see the rooms though!

"The Ace Hotel New York" - sheenalashay.com

PROS – Design wise, the style is bohemian swank and I like it. There are numerous seating arrangements in the lobby from a big large farm table to comfy couches and plenty of outlets. You will see, hear and/or meet really interesting people should you choose to engage.

CONS – The price of the food versus the quality of the food leaves a bit to be desired and your wallet lighter. The lighting is ridiculously dark. I like low lights but their lack of lighting takes the cake and isn’t reflected in their marketing images.


The Quin Hotel

"The Quin Hotel" - sheenalashay.com

The Quin Hotel New York is one of the most artistic and luxurious experiences you will have while in New York City. I had the pleasure of receiving a private group tour as well as dining at The Wayfarer for a corporate event.  Their galleries and the ongoing collaborations they do with numerous artists is amazing, including their artist in residence program. Even their branding is creative and gorgeous. Even their candles. In fact, I keep one of their candles on my desk at work. One of the things I love on their website and what I learned during my tour was about The Quintessential Experience which is marketed as personal, professional, and proficient service delivered by their Attachés.

I was impressed by many things at The Quin but one of my favorites might be The Quintimate Romance Package which is one of their most popular offers. The rose petal turn down service, the champagne and the candles is too yummy and sexy. As mentioned, I have one of their candles at my desk at work. The romance once. A few times a year I rent a room in the city and have a romantic night with a lover, I’m adding The Quin to my list this year! On a Tuesday evening,  you can find me here attending the opening of one of their gallery shows.

"The Quin Hotel" - sheenalashay.com

PROS – Design wise, the style is free spirited and artistically bohemian. Also the food is yum. The meeting spaces are hi tech with an artistic flair. Their amenities, notepads and all other branded materials and collaborations are inspiring, luxurious and beautiful.

CONS – I wish the design of the bedrooms had a bit more flair to them. The style is very New York City loft with a hint of color in a flower arrangement for example.


The Royalton

"the royalton hotel" - sheenalashay.com

My first experience with the Royalton hotel was via my friend Hanksterchen. We had one epic group adventure eating, clubbing and drinking all over the city. At one point, we found ourselves at Bar Forty Four at the Royalton.  The scope and size of this hotel is epic. It is swank meets GQ meets Don Draper meets swank meets moody, brewing, sex appeal. The decor is dark and smoldering. Its lavish. Its discreet but also a place to be seen. I love it. I loved the bar so much, that when I put together one of my romantic city experiences which included a private sensual dance for my lover & dinner, I rented a Deluxe room to end the night.  I can’t speak for the other room categories but my Deluxe room was spacious, had a fire place, gave off a slight nautical feel and the bathroom was to die for! Service was great too. On a Friday night,  you can find me here flirting with my lover.

"the royalton hotel" -sheenalashay.com

PROS: Everything. Swanky. Sexy. Moody. Yummy. Great for business or pleasure.

CONS: Can’t think of any. I loved my experience there. Well, I hear the drinks at the bar are expensive. But cost is relative. Luxury has no price. And the men paid for mine.


Nomad Hotel

"nomad hotel" - sheenalashay.com

I first heard about the Nomad Hotel from fellow Verizon #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger, Kirsten Alana. She posted gorgeous images of brunch at The Nomad.  I added the hotel to my list to check out and months later, I arranged a private group tour with some of my colleagues from The Nomadness tribe. I was in LOVE. I was/am truly in love with their property. From the decor of the rooms, to the claw foot bathtub IN the bedroom to all of the restaurants and bars on property. Its another moody and dark hotel with character, a library and a European flair. This hotel is unassuming. You might miss it, if you weren’t paying attention.  On a Thursday evening, you can find me here at the Elephant Bar getting a specially made concoction from their well informed and cultured mixologist. Or on a Saturday afternoon, you might find me in the Library getting some work done or doing a consultation with a client.

"nomad hotel" - sheenalashay.com

PRO: Perfect location. Amazing bars and restaurants. They even have bikes that the hotel guests can use. Big, gorgeous, dramatic bikes!

CON: I believe they only have 5 guestrooms that have double beds. I’ve never heard of that before.


The Andaz 5th Avenue

"the andaz 5th avenue" - sheenalashay.com

I don’t know if you know this but the Andaz brand is a part of the Hyatt Hotel brand. (I just found out a few months ago.) What you also may not know is that in another life I used to work as a Training Manager for Hyatt Hotels in Chicago. Therefore, when given the professional opportunity to do an in depth immersion with two luxury NY hotels, including the Andaz, I said yes. I was particularly excited that our first two hours of this immersion was an amazing meeting with the General Manager of the property. I couldn’t take notes fast enough regarding their business, branding, company culture, and more.

In addition to loving the brand from a business standpoint and because I feel their target market is me, “The Professional Bohemian,” I also loved the property. Each property is specific to its location as Andaz means personal style. Therefore the Andaz 5th Avenue focuses on literature from a design standpoint seeing as to the fact that its right across the street from the BIG and GORGEOUS New York Public Library. I love this property. I love that their event space includes an open kitchen, so you can talk to the chef as you drink your cocktail. I love that their bar menu was created by their bartenders versus a consulting company and each bartender currently has a barrel brewing of a special concoction recipe they’ve been working on. I also love that they partnered with Broadway to create Mixology workshop classes that are themed after Broadway shows.  On a Monday evening, you might find me at a book signing at the Andaz or a product launch. 

"Andaz 5th Avenue" - sheenalashay.com

PRO: The Bar Downstairs. If you don’t know anyone on the inside, you might get turned away. The hotel is located in a prime spot and yet you wouldn’t know it was there. The General Manager. She is a Goddess and a delight! The company culture is amazing. Their events are fuN!

CON: The bedrooms are under-designed. This is intentional because the designer wants you to explore the city or look at the views you have but considering the rest of the hotel, the rooms left a lot to be desired. Although the bathrooms are AMAZING! The Front Desk staff and the Front Desk area can be a bit confusing if you’re not used to it. It looks like you’re walking into a gallery and cafe, so if you didn’t know…you might be confused. Never confuse people giving you their money.


Have you ever hung out or stayed at any of the hotels listed? If you have to curate a NY list for the Professional Bohemian Nomad, what properties would you include?

As mentioned, I was inspired to write this post as I prepare for the Virtuoso North East Regional meetings. The luxury travel company that I work for is a member thus I get to be affiliated with this exclusive and luxury network too. While I’m so excited to meet with and network with so many brands, tour operations and more, for personal or collaborative business reasons, I’m very excited to meet for the 1st time or the 100th time some of my favorites such as airberlin Group, Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Belmond USA, Maybourne Hotel Group, Small Luxury Hotels Of The World, The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd., Baccarat New York ~ A Virtuoso Preview Property, The Savoy, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort, Park Hyatt New York, Le Sirenuse, onefinestay, W South Beach,  and The Resort at Paws Up.

I link to a LOT of things and places in this post and yet not one is an affiliate link. These featured hotels are ones I have experienced either in a professional sense or a personal one. 

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    Thanks for the shout out lady!!! We love brunch at The Nomad but we still haven’t had a staycation there. Dying to!

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