Striptease and Lap Dance with Doris Arnold

Five years ago, when I first started pole dancing there were a handful of pole dancer’s who turned up in every search. Zoraya Judd, Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly and DORIS ARNOLD. These four women were EVERYTHING to me. (I still love them.) They each had their own style and showed me how truly versatile the world of pole and sensual movement really was.

Doris Arnold, an award winning pro pole dancer, pole instructor and I believe, show girl/stripper is simply EVERYTHING. I consistently follow her brand and development. She first caught my eye via a youtube video where she did the SEXIEST lap dance I had ever seen. The video has since been taken down from youtube which makes my soul CRY! Therefore, when I heard that she would be teaching workshops at Body and Pole last week, I knew I HAD to sign up.

Upon visiting the Body and Pole website, I saw she was teaching two classes. a 90 minute “Striptease, Lapdance” class priced at $30 and described as, “No, this is not a “stripping” or a “burlesque dance” or a “glamorous lesson”… This is the REAL striptease and lap dance! The true, the only one, without hypocrisy or taboo. Both challenging and tender, funny and captivating, sexy and sophisticated. Doris will reveal all her tips to become a professionnal!” as well as a 90 minute “Pole Technique” class priced at $45 described as, “This technical workshop will make you learn Doris’ tricks and spins of your level. She will help you to succeed all figures that you have dreamed. Come to learn, improve yourself, and perfect your lines!”

"body and pole workshop description"

Neither description helped me understand what was going on. However, being an S Factor student, I felt comfortable enough to assume I could handle her Striptease, Lapdance class. I wanted to sign up for her Pole Technique class but I had no idea what level I would need to be at to participate. Yes, I could have called the studio but I was at work and it wasn’t going to be convenient. Because of a  lack of a proper description, I only signed up for Striptease, Lapdance. It should also be noted that within the Body and Pole community facebook group, the question was posed as to why her Pole Technique class was not sold out….because, IT IS DORIS ARNOLD and she’s the SHIT! People cited reasons like being out of town or having another class during that time. In that thread, I noted again that there wasn’t an accurate description of the class nor any indication of what level I needed to be at. Therefore I didn’t sign up. No one followed up with that comment. :-( That’s an opportunity lost as far as customer service.

The night before the class, I knew I needed to pack my bag. When going to any strip tease class, I know to bring a lot of layers. I know to bring a button down shirt, A skirt. Shorts. Extra panties. 1 to 2 pair of heels. Lots of shirts, accessories and more. On Friday morning, I headed to work with my everyday purse and a large bag full of strip tease costume options. It was about mid afternoon on Friday, when I happened to check in the Body and Pole facebook group that Doris had posted an update. She wanted everyone to bring a button down work blouse, a skirt and their favorite lingerie. I must say, I was a bit annoyed. I truly wish a list had been emailed to all the students who had signed up for the class the day before. I hadn’t really packed lingerie. I brought a skirt but not a work one. (Part of the theme for the class was a woman coming home right after work…) It didn’t matter. I figured I could make it work, whatever it was, we’d be doing.

I arrived at the studio to be greeted by a really pleasant front desk person who signed me in, answered my questions about the products Body and Pole were selling and directed me on where to go. Upon entering the locker room, I found about five women sitting around chatting. As I started getting dressed….its a whole experience because I literally put on a gazillion layers and Bodybinds and garters and leg warmers and such, the women turned to me.

“Are you going to the lap dance class?” they asked.

“I sure am! I’m so excited. It’s freaking DORIS ARNOLD. THE DORIS ARNOLD.” I responded.

“I didn’t realize we were supposed to bring stuff like that. All I have are my yoga pants and sports bra,” one girl said. Two other girls nodded in agreement and pointed to their sports wear.

“Did they tell you to bring that stuff?” another girl asked.

“Well, I’ve taken classes like this before at S Factor so I had an idea of what to bring. They did post something in the facebook group but they only did that this afternoon. I had already left home for the day,” I said. <– This really annoys me. Really, make it easy for people to GIVE YOU MONEY. I.E., put accurate descriptions up of your products and services. TWO, make it easy for people to use your products or services. I.E., if you have your customers contact information….PLEASE use it to inform them of important information. Also, cross check the emails on file to see if it is a new student or reoccurring student. If its their first pole class or first aerial hoop class, maybe send a follow up email explaining a few things after they have registered. I do know that time is limited so, you can create some email templates that you sort of copy and paste. There was absolutely no reason for those women to feel and be unprepared for class. Also, don’t assume everyone is on facebook and that if they are, they are in your private group and even if they are, don’t assume they are logged on and checking facebook every day. EMAIL YOUR CLIENTS!

Once class begin, the magic begin however.

I write these things, as a helpful critique. I appreciate what Body and Pole has to offer and when a workshop or class catches my attention, I’ll give them my money with no questions asked. You can see numerous reviews on my website. But once I love you, I’m also going share ways you can improve yourself. (I welcome the same to me too. One friend recently gave me some critiques of my website and I was like, “Shit! All of that is important to know. Thanks for telling me!)

Any who, class begin with a warm up in our heels. It was quick and effective. Halfway through the warm up, we had to exit the class room to grab yoga mats for the 2nd half of our warm up. This caused a bottle neck issue that probably cost us about five minutes of class time. Its too hard to describe. But basically the dance bar that’s outside the basement class room that holds the yoga mats blocks part of the entrance to the class, so only one person can come in and out. However because its right next to the door, you get a bottle neck effect. And later, when we needed to put the yoga mats away and grab chairs for the lap dance portion, two bottle necks of traffic were created. Honestly it was a clusterfuck that made us lose another five minutes of class. My suggestion, if its a lap dance class, prior to the class beginning, stack the needed chairs in a corner of the room versus outside of the room pass the dance bar with the yoga mats that’s already blocking the door. I tried to doodle what I mean below. They just need to rearrange a few things to make the flow of human traffic work with the limitations of how the dance rooms and building is laid out, in relation to the supplies needed throughout a particular class. We could have had about 10 minutes more of dance time. See my poorly drawn layout below.

"body and pole review" -

So we have our warm up, its pretty decent and then its time to learn to do strip teases and lap dances. Everyone went to grab their own individual chairs…of which it appeared there wasn’t enough. Then Doris mentioned that we would partner up, unless you were not comfortable with working with someone else to receive and give lap dances. This solved the “not enough” chair problem because by partnering up, there were enough. Except the students didn’t move the extra chairs strewn around the room, out of the way. This resulted in limited spacing to dance. I don’t know how best to describe this. Imagine 20 chairs being staggered in 3 rows and placed around the room. Then imagine only 10 are being used and the other 10 are just there, in the way of what could be more floor space to dance. (Regarding dancing with a partner or not, that is probably another thing that could have been included in a pre-class email to new and reoccurring students. Some women had no idea they would be practicing on another woman.)

So we partner up and Doris explains how the class will flow. She tells us that she is going to teach a lap dance, strip tease choreography. There is a fun story behind it. The “woman” has been arguing with her significant other the night before. And she goes to work and she’s distracted thinking about the argument. And she goes home, knowing she’s going to chew him out some more. She arrives home and he’s sitting there waiting to finish the argument. And the dance begins with the woman going back and forth between being pissed off and frustrated versus wanting to just forget about it and fuck him. So in one moment she’s sultry and in another moment she’s pissed. Halfway through the dance, the woman says to hell with it and decides she’d rather seduce and love on him and the lap dance gets real fucking, over the top sexy and yummy. The choreography is below.

A few things to note. Again, I wish I had known we’d be learning a routine versus simply learn all of her tips as the description said. For me, I overpacked then. For this routine, you only needed sexy lingerie, a work skirt and a blouse. I had brought half my pole clothes and was wearing 20 layers. (I was thinking about Anne Marie’s Joy of Sexy, Pt 3 class where she showed us 5 ways to take shorts off or 5 ways to take a top off.) Without giving away too much, I think the description could have mentioned that the class was for all levels. You’d learn a routine that involved floor work, lap dance and sensual movement. You’d be partnered up with others and that the choreography specifically worked best with lingerie, a tight yet stretchy work skirt and a blouse.

Be that as it may, enough with the critiques.

The class, the movement, the story and DORIS were amazing. I learned new movement and tricks. I loved the song. I absolutely adore and now probably worship the ground Doris walks on. She’s a great teacher with a thick French accent that makes everything seem and sound better. She tethers between a contemporary ballerina, a sensual siren, a twerking machine and a fitness champion. I love that she doesn’t pick a side in pole. I loved that she laughed a lot in class. And that when the music wasn’t playing, she’d try to sing the song for us. I love that if someone couldn’t bend on their knees, in less than a second she thought of alternatives for the person. I love that when her “technical” talk for how a move works didn’t translate for the students, she knew to simply say, “For this move…you want to…put your pussy near his dick.” And with that, everyone understood what to do. She was trying to explain center of gravity and where to put your body weight and people were flopping over and looking awkward. But when she said put your pussy near his dick….everyone knew what she meant. Doris is incredible. That’s all I can say about that.

Sometimes she’d stop mid choreography and explain other simple yet powerful things. She’d explain how this kind of movement had a lot to do with attitude. She’d explain that if you’re giving a lap dance, the only thing that mattered was what the man could see. Therefore don’t waste energy grabbing your ass if your face is towards him. In that case, grab your breast. If you’re doing ass movement, your ass needs to face him. If you’re doing hip movements, let him see the hips.

Our class ran much longer than intended due to many things. It was a large class. We lost some minutes here or there. There were a few show offs that felt the need to twerk or have a one on one conversation with Doris. Eh, you get all types in class. But those minutes add up. Because of this, we didn’t even get to do any type of cool down at the end of class. That’s not ideal considering we spent 90 minutes dancing in heels the entire time. Please set aside time to cool your students off. The work study was patient with us considering the class ran over and it was late. I think it was closer to 10:30pm when class ended. Maybe later. You know how sometimes, you run over class and the person waiting to clean the room gives you that look of, “Bitch, its my bed time!” ? Yeah the work study we had did not do that. There was no attitude or annoyance. She was patient and kind and kept smiling as we existed the room. I appreciate that.

I think the price of the class was nice. $30 for a lap dance class with Doris Arnold. SHIT! You can’t even get that at S Factor. You’d pay $60 and most of the instructors there, though I love them, don’t have the experience or cred as Doris. So truly that was a steal and I’m surprised at the price. I would have paid more! I would have paid $60 for a class with Doris actually. If Doris is visiting your city, sign up. Sign the fuck up. I’d recommend calling the studio to ask for more details about the class but still sign the fuck up and show up and enjoy her and all she has to share.

The Pole Dancing Bloggers Association created a Pole Dance Class review form to use. You can download is for free RIGHT HERE.  I filled one out for Doris’s class.  Click to see my more cohesive notes and marks. –> Doris Arnold Striptease Lap Dance Review. I forgot to score her personality and skill level. I would give her a 7 in both.

"pole fitness class review" -


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  • Adrienne

    Holy smokes. That video was pretty dang hot! I’ve never taken a lap dance class before so this post really gave me some good insight. My studio is having a class next weekend for it and I was… well… 30/70 about going haha. I just don’t have a lot of confidence and I’ve NEVER done anything like that for my hubs. I feel like I’d feel so silly!!!! instead of sexy…
    But after reading this maybe I’ll at least give the class a try.
    Doris looks amazing! Too bad I never see anyone coming to Denver!
    Thanks for the info!

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