SIREN SPOTLIGHT: Rashi Bey, Creator of Woman Untamed

Editors Note: I do not even remember how I first learned of Rashi and her work. All I know is once I learned that she existed in the world, I started to pay attention. To her work. To her words. To her energy. To everything. Therefore when Rashi emailed me to ask if I could share news of her latest endeavors, I countered her pitch and asked if I could feature her in a multi-part interview series on my blog. She obliged, even when I asked questions that probably broke all the rules of how to interview someone. Everyone, meet Rashi! Part one of our series, can be found by CLICKING HERE.

“…Your body is your own. You use it as you see fit.”

Sheena LaShay: I notice you choose to wear lots of weaves and wigs and your hairstyles change constantly. Tell me more about this choice.

Rashi: I only wear wigs :). I have commitment issues when it comes to hair. So wigs give me the option to switch it up and keep it fresh. Here is my most recent facebook post on my hair.

“Your right to choose (and be respected)

I have been natural for over 12 years.
Much longer than most newcomers to the natural hair movement.

I fell in love with the flexibility and styling options that wigs gave me almost 6 years ago while doing a school project.

I love all the power that the natural hair movement has created for Black women.

What I hate is the disrespect and snarky comments that *some women* who visibly wear their natural hair make about others who choose something different.

You are not better or less than anyone because of how you choose to wear your hair.

Weaves or wigs don’t make you less black, less queer, less radical, less conscious, less aware, less anything.

So stop.

It’s a choice you make for your style and your body.

And since people need to be reminded, your body is your own. You use it as you see fit.

Good Morning.”

Rashi Bey -

“I love the drama that my hairstyles add to my movement”

Sheena LaShay:  Does hair have any factor in the way that you dance and teach?

Rashi: Yes definitely. I love the drama that my hairstyles add to my movement.

Sheena LaShay: What are your favorite hair products?

Rashi: Water. I keep my natural hair washed and braided – I length check every so often. That’s it. Like I said in my post I’ve been natural for almost over 12 years.

“…my expression of eroticism is a lot more subtle than I originally thought…”

Sheena LaShay: I notice you don’t hide your body in clothing. You always share images of your entire body. You appear very comfortable in your body. Have you always been this way?

Rashi: Hahaha! I wish I had. Not because I am insecure or afraid of showing my body but as I’m getting to know myself better, I am understanding that my expression of eroticism is a lot more subtle than I originally thought. Being super young, aggressive and starting out I just wanted to get myself out there in a bold way. In many ways it was necessary but now that I am building my business and community in a different way I don’t feel the need to keep sharing in the same way. I have always been stacked lol. Bawdy for days. I never really saw my body as an issue because I moved just like (and sometimes better) than people smaller than me. My body has never restricted my movement so ….

Rashi Bey -

” …coming out as a lesbian with a Christian Mother and a Muslim Father. lol. Sometimes I think to myself, ‘God, I know you set me up.”

Sheena LaShay: A lot of women struggle with self-acceptance, body image, sexuality and expressing themselves. From what I have seen, this does not appear to be a struggle for you. How have you come to a place of loving every bit of you? What words of advice do you have for everyone?

Rashi: My sexuality is not a struggle anymore. It definitely was growing up – coming out as a lesbian with a Christian Mother and a Muslim Father. lol. Sometimes I think to myself, ‘God, I know you set me up”.

Advice…. you have to make a choice to really live.


Join me in the coming days as Rashi and I delve deeper into who she is, what she believes and what she just doesn’t give a fuck about. In part three of our interview, we explore her life values. Bet you can’t guess her response when I asked her to write her memoir in six words! In part four of our interview, we discuss more personal issues such as the process of rebranding her business, her thoughts on being a “black jezebel” and the perception of her rage on social media. THANK YOU RASHI, for being so candid, thorough and yummy. I can’t wait to share the next few parts..


As an Erotic Dance Coach, Rashi guides feminine souls to reconnect to the sexuality as an integral piece of their health and spiritual evolution for more confidence, better sex and more joy in their lives.  Rashi currently runs her private practice of out Chicago, IL hosting group classes, private lessons and touring workshops throughout the year.  To learn more about her work please visit 

Currently, Rashi is offering a complimentary online class right: Draw Nigh Unto MeDraw Nigh Unto Me is an online moving meditation + guided journaling course that Rashi created to help you shift from confusion and doubt to clarity, peace and pleasure in your life. Visit to learn more about the class.

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Sheena LaShay is a Wild Magical Woman, Intellectual Sensual Shaman and Cultural Provocateur. Keeping it simple, you could say she's a Writer and an Erotic Artist.

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