6 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For His Heart

13 Valentines Day Gift Ideas That May


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to share a part two to my “13 VALENTINES DAY GIFT IDEAS THAT MAY BLOW HIS MIND” featured on Bodybinds.com last year.

Last year most of my ideas focused on erotic, kinky, sexy, fun, bold and unique types of gifts. This year my list focuses more on intimacy, expressiveness and intentional communication. Again, my goal is pointed towards seduction, pleasure and delight as I find joy in celebrating the men in my life.

Please enjoy, my personal list Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him.

There are a few things to note.

  • My list is comprised of real life experiences and gifts I’ve shared or am currently sharing with lovers.
  • Most of this list is focused on one lover in my life who I love dearly, deeply and fully and is a main priority in my life and its catered towards his personality and things I know he would appreciate and cherish
  • This list is for women who are open, transparent, and vulnerable in their lives and their relationships and therefore find no fears about expressing their love and delighting him.
  • While my list is geared towards my No. 1, your “Him” could be your husband, your significant other, your boyfriend, your lover, the new guy you’ve been dating for a few months, your fuck buddy/friend with benefit or whomever. “HIM” can be whomever you want to gift with an experience, present or the presence of you.
  • This list is geared towards Long Distance Relationships which includes military type relationships where the lover is stationed away, relationships where you do not live in the same city, state, country or continent and/or relationships where you may live in the same city but you both are Warrior Traveling Nomads for business or personal reasons and your schedules barely overlap.
  • The cost ranges for each gift and the personal experience required to execute varies too.

Let’s get started.

 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For His Heart

1. “Open When” Letters

In general, I love writing letters. On my Bodybinds post I mentioned that you could, “Give Him A Collection of Love or Gratitude Letters.” I also am known to write love letters after every date where I share about my experience on the date, what I learned and what I most look forward to next. Well, specifically to long distance but what could be applied to any type of relationship are “Open When” letters. Ideally, you pick a few themes and prompts such as “Open When You Miss Me” or “Open On Your Birthday” or “Open When You’re Frustrated” or “Open When We Argue and Its My Fault” or “Open When You Need a Kiss”. You decide the prompts. For my current lover, I have over 100+ handwritten letters based on different prompts. You can choose prompts that deal with his life, your life, your life together, holidays, emotions and more. Hand write the letters. Package in a yummy way. Get creative with some. For instance, “Open When You Need a Kiss” could include a beautiful letter along with your lip print with his favorite shade of lipstick. Put it all in a box, if he doesn’t live near you and ship all that love to him. Do you think your lover has the willpower NOT to read them all in one sitting?

2. “His” Monthly Subscription Box

In essence, this is a VIP version of a care package. Of course, you can easily find a subscription box service geared towards your lover. I found a billion for every theme and type of relationship. But you know what? I wanted to put a personal touch on every box. So we decided to take care packages to the next level. Even if you live together or live in the same city, you can still mail him his DIY VIP subscription box. I decided to make each month themed and fill it with items specific to that theme. Either based on his location, what’s going on in his life, and more. Or for instance, I keep a google drive document that contains an ongoing list of our relationship’s values and reoccurring themes. Each box can focus on that theme. If one of our relationship values is “Vulnerability,” what creative, intentional, “manly” or lovely things can I include in that month’s “Vulnerability” box versus another relationship value which is “Humor”? Also, be creative and give “his” subscription box a name. Collectively, my guy and I decided to name it after him because “Sheena Special Box” just…well, ummm!!! But your named boxes could be ANYTHING.

 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For His Heart

3. The Book of Us

I pretty much write everything down. I also have a weird habit of remembering the ENTIRE transcripts of verbal conversations. Then I also have emails, text messages, glide video messages and more. What I have done since the beginning of my relationship with my main lover is to keep a google doc of conversation excerpts and quotes and images of our times together. I did this knowing I’d print a professionally designed bound book of The Story of Us. Our book doesn’t have a title yet. And I am still trying to decide between three printing companies. (He knows about this. It was going to be a surprise but one night he mentioned, “hey we should create a book of us.” ….so then I told him I had been plotting that all along. Now he’s trying to be the editor and asking to see a draft. HMP!) I digress. You can either create a scrapbook. You can use one of the websites that exist like snapfish or if you’re a bit more bougie like me, you’ll find a printing company to really make it out of this world. Some of my favorite collected quotes….

“You said you were vulnerable and I didn’t see it until I caught that glimpse. Maybe I honed in on it a little too hard but… it was beautiful. I think a lot of a woman’s beauty lies in her vulnerability and it always encourages a man to step up and lead and guide and protect. So anything you see from behavior or speech from me, more than likely was encouraged or brought about because of you. You may not see it or at least its hard to see because of who you are. But it is who you are.”


“I choose you in this moment
…and this one
…and the one I just missed
…and the next one
Until I fall asleep.
And then I’ll wake up and choose you again.
I love you.”


“…i’ll go with you anywhere. Except some place super cold, like Antarctica. No, thats a lie. Id even go with you there but we need to bundle up a lot.”


“When you expose yourself to me, it enables and empowers me to nurture you. I want to nurture you.”

Oh SIGH. Let me stop before I post the entire book. OKAY!

4. Tech Your Sex

Whether its via LovePalz or WeVibe or some other alternative, you can enhance your sexual experience with one another via technology. This is self-explanatory. At least, I hope it is.

 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For His Heart

5. Podcast Series for “His Ears Only”

I mentioned in “How Technology Makes Dating Awesomethe idea of a podcast series. I was inspired because a former lover of mine gifted me with that. His podcast came with instructions of HOW to listen, WHAT I needed to do before, during and after along with the podcast itself which was composed of his reciting Shakespeare Sonnets. SHIT!!!! That was a hot ass gift. I told him I’d steal the idea one day and use it on other lovers. Please steal this idea too. You don’t have to launch your podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud but you can use the audio recorder on your phone and send the file via a platform like wetransfer or something. You can send an email message with instructions on what the lover is to do. You can get really creative with this.


6. The Lover’s Book Club

Start a book club…with just your lover. The types of books can range based on your interest or the nature of your relationship. Perhaps you’ll read comic books together. I’d suggest starting with Sheena, Queen of the Jungle but that’s just me. Or perhaps read The Art of Seduction together. Or the Bible. Or Women Who Run With Wolves. You can set the tone and pace for it but I do think couples who read together….are alright by me!


I have more ideas and things in the work but he doesn’t know about them yet so I can’t share them here on the blog. But I think these 6 ideas will get you started if you’re looking for some gift ideas…especially if he’s not right next to you…and especially if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more intimate and expressive.

Honorable Mentions

  • Date Night in a Box – these need to be themed and specific
  • Skype Date – these need to be themed and specific

 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For His Heart


Worth Repeating

  • Boudoir Images – this never goes out of style. Especially if each time you do it, you have a different theme.
  • Strip Tease Video – My guy is very visual. He’s into movement, music, dance, art and all things my body sooooo…this is definitely a great idea. For the everyday folk, you can use the camera app on your phone to do this. If you’re more into videography like I am, you can get REALLY creative and professional with the video. One lover, once sent me a private, password only link to a video he loaded on vimeo. It was a 30 second video, shot in HD on his fancy ass camera of him applying lotion to his chest. His chocolate muscle-laded chest. I don’t recall how many times I watched it and how it always put a smile on my face and a ting of yum between my legs.


Have you received gifts like these? Have you given gifts like these? What are you planning for Valentine’s Day?

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