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I was recently featured as the Griot’s Republic, “Blogger of the Month” in an article titled “Jet Lag Sex: The Anatomy of a Bae-Cation” for there Global Sex and Sexuality Issue. I love that they chose this as their April theme, as April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month! The articles in the magazine cover topics like Tantric Sex, Sacred Sexuality and of course “Jet Lag Sex.”


You’re probably wondering what is “Jet Lag Sex?” Well, it sort of begins as a concept from last year, when I posted the following on facebook. I found out that one of my lovers was going to be in town right after an international trip, and as I’m apt to do, I created a hashtag sex for the occasion.

Jet Lag Sex - SheenaLaShay.com

There are a few hashtags I use in my life. #SirenShit describes my life as a temptress, seductress and overall sensual shaman. There is #WolfShit which I use to describe a general archetype of men that I date. (I did a periscope on the Siren and the Wolf. I promise one day to type up those notes!) And then the other thing I hash tag is types of sex….just for fun

  • #BirthdaySex – The sex to be had on your birthday
  • #ChampagneSex – The sex to be had while you’re drinking champagne, after you drink champagne,…while covered in champagne?
  • #BonVoyageSex – …. I have an image for this one.


bon voyage sex - sheenalashay.com

So, when learning I’d see one of the Wolves upon my return, I thought about #JetLagSex and thus a discussion began with my friends online.


RF: JetLagSex….I need reviews on this.

Sheena: I imagine it’s a blend of faux drunk sex plus that I’m really sleepy but I want you sex plus a whole heap of I miss you sex and a huge dose of fuck, it’s been awhile…please fuck me sex? Also if [only] one has jetlag I imagine it’s different than if both have jetlag.

RF: Someone should make jetlag porn. I would totally watch.

Sheena: You’re a freak. I got cameras though……
RF: It’s been awhile+I miss u sex…lawd…
CA: Jet Lag Sex shows your real determination to get it in. #SoIHeard
Sheena: I am VERY determined. I should see if the flight attendants serve power salads or something on this flight….he did say to get ready and prepare myself.
Sheena: ^^^^^^ oh!?!?!?!?!?!? Like that’s all you gon say, AL?
AL: Hehe…yup…I’m a tease Par excellent.
RF: I’m stalking my notifications waiting for an explanation and ish. Come on girl! Don’t leave us hanging
AL: I’m just gon say that it’s a kind of I’ve missed you sex that can turn your #1 into your only one. Transcendental!
RF: Well damn….

Sheena: Oh shit
AL: Be clear hunty. Be. Clear. #HeartOpener
Sheena: Yes ma’am
MC: It was similar to a high sex. The out of body experience when you’re watching yourself perform.
Sheena: Mmmmmmmm. I did say I wanted #ChakraSex and #GalacticalSex and #JetLagSex is a gateway to #TrascendantalSex Fuck!!!!

Jet Lag Sex - sheenalashay.com

Then later after having had Jet Leg Sex
“Reporting in for a recap: I can’t even describe what happened as “Jet Lag Sex.” I thought I had an idea of how the evening might go and he took date night, “welcome back” love and jet lag sex to a whole other level. I was reduced to tears a few times. This man is everything. Between moans of pleasure, I spent a great deal of time blushing as I simply received. This may be my second favorite date ever. The first one being another one he curated. Like every man and woman might want to take note. When your love comes back from a trip…he just changed the game on how to greet them. Jesus.”
So when you go read my article on Griots Republic or if you’ve read it already, now you have some context on just what Jet Lag Sex is.

Have you had Jet Lag Sex?


Jet Lag Sex - sheenalashay.com

If this sort of stuff tickles your fancy, this is what you can do next ….

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