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Ainsley Burrows -

Dear Ainsley,

Selfishly I have to write this letter because you’ve single handed made several of my dreams come true. If the point of these letters is to honor those who have played a significant role in me becoming a Wild and Magical Woman, you might be the considered the King of this entire collection of letters. Not only have you been a dear friend for so many years now and an inspiration into what is truly possible, you have also single handed given me several of my dreams on a golden platter called, “This is reality. What do you want Sheena? I will do what I can to make it happen.”

Let’s start from the beginning. I’ve told you this story before. The day that I met you, I didn’t believe you. I met you at Tuan X’s “Last Request” open mic night. You were the featured artist and everyone was just raving about you. People were tapping my shoulder and whispering, “Do you know who THAT is!?!??! That is Ainsley Burrows!!!!!” Me…being nonchalant and unbothered simply waited for something to happen. And nothing did. You performed a few poems. Everyone applauded. You smiled. Your accent came through. You did your thing. And I left that night so unimpressed with you. The very next day I would connect with Dex R. Jones and in telling him my thoughts of the entire evening, he came to your defense. He insisted that I was rushing to judgment. I’m always curious by what I judge so harshly and so that very next day, I sought you out. I found your website. I found all your social media platforms. I signed up for your newsletter and I kept watch over the evolution of your work for years.

Here and there we would run into each other at events. Here and there, we would exchange messages and notes and ideas and for years, we both just kept watch over each other as we evolved and grew as humans and artists.

A few years ago, we started paying more attention to each other. I started noting your political poetry and the progression of The Sweet Spot. ( “I can’t breathe” still haunts.” ) You started noting my philosophy on dating and relationships, my writings and my business sense. Eventually, we both agreed we needed to meet and discuss business and creativity because too much of our lives were aligned with one another and begging for a collaboration.

We met and the meeting was golden. We talked about EVERYTHING we both were working on, the things we wanted to work on, what inspired our work, our thoughts on politics, culture, art, New York and more. It was truly a meeting of the minds. “Please tell me you’re writing a book,” you said as I told you more of my thoughts. “One day,” I responded. “NO! You should leave right now and go work on your book. Every day you should be working on your book. When you leave tonight, go work on your book tonight! The world needs it, Sheena,” you insisted.

After that meeting, you told me how you wanted to revitalize the Sweet Spot blog and you told me I had free reign to write whatever I wanted to write. For years, I had written publicly on many topics as “Sheena LaShay” but when it came to my erotic escapades and philosophy in kink, I kept it all under a pseudonym and an anonymous blog that most people do not know about. Meeting with you gave me the courage to fuse ALL of me. So I took my anonymous writings, reworked them and published them under my real name on the Sweet Spot blog. And HOLY FUCK! My soul and the entire world seemed to open up.

You told me to start with a bang so my first post was, “What Makes Good Dick.” I didn’t know if that was too much or not. But nope, my audience ate it up. And I just kept going. I republished my article on, “If You Think of Blowjobs When You Meditate” and days later I had a Dakini Priestess mentoring me and sending clients my way. What in the entire fuck, Ainsley? You would forward me emails your audience was sending in about my blog posts and days later I’m on phone calls with them about how I had just helped open something up for them. My audience was asking for more. And the world didn’t implode with my living fully in my wild and magic as an erotic, raunchy, kinky woman who could also meditate too or write about chakra sex. You paved the way for my complete alignment.

And that was only the beginning. Knowing I’m a performer, you gave me the opportunity to perform at the Sweet Box and the Sweet Spot. I got to perform twice to sold out audiences at Santos Party house. I got to perform and I was paid!  (I need to improve. I have to work on choreography. I know I need to audition again because I really want to blow your and Laurielle’s mind with my next number.) But you took a chance on me and let me be a part of the Sweet Spot and over the past year that has expanded more than what I ever imagined.

You brought me inside the Sweet Spot family too. You hired me as a business consultant. You pay me to teach classes on social medi and marketing. You’ve hired me to be the Editor of the new Burrows Inc magazine. You’ve asked me to lead my “Wild Magical Woman” workshops for your team and for your bigger audience and following. When you or other team members need photography or videography services, you come to me. And jesus christ, you said if I wrote it, you would publish my book. And you send me text message reminders asking me if I did my writings for the day. Ainsley. Where the fuck do you come from? Who sent you? I was so wrong in my initial judgment. They all were right that night at the poetry event and I don’t even think they knew just how powerful and prolific you are.

I tell everyone who listens that you’re one of the most profound visionaries of our time. You are a rare genius. I compare you to Picasso and Dali because well, you’re a fucking insane, soul shattering painter. Your paintings MOVE me in a way that is beyond this world. On top of that, you’re a phenomenal poet. On top of that, you’re a writer. I loved your book Bang Bang Bang and I’m ready for the next one. On top of that, you’re the CEO and Founder of Burrows Inc, which includes The Sweet Spot which is the best thing EVER! So much so that I took 50 people to our August NY show; I took 8 people to our July DC show; I’m taking 30 people to our October DC show; I’m taking 40 more people to our December NY show and it will just keep going.

I love that any time I have an idea, your usual response is, “Yes” or “Lets do it” or “Tell me what you need” or “How can I help?” I love that when I offer criticism, your usual response is, “Well, can you help us make it better?” or “Do you have suggestions on how we can fix it?”

What I moreso love is the very first time I had my Sweet Spot weekend which included a BBQ at your home with the entire cast/company/crew of Sweet Spot. During one emotional moment of the trust circle, we all stood around holding hands and one by one each artist told the story of how you literally saved their lives and made their dreams come true. They told stories of how you provided them with a home, aka The Sweet Spot Mansion. (I sort of want to live there too.) They told stories of how you have elevated their art. They either are traveling all around the country performing to sold out audiences while getting paid or they are able to use your resources and platforms to publish their books, produce their events and more. They told the stories of how not only do you help their art, but you also help them become better business men and women. Now one person is a touring poet with you but also the Director of Marketing. One person is the resident burlesque dancer and the Assistant Editor in Chief of the new magazine.

Ainsley Fucking Burrows, you are a dream maker, a dream giver, a sorcerer, and a magician of art and creativity and expression and freedom. You are all the things. And you know it. You know how profound you are but you also know how insignificant it all is too. We’re just dust. We’re literally nothing in the grand scheme of things. But also, you are one of the people responsible for changing the world. I mean it, Ainsley.

I told Wayne recently that I know for sure children will study your work in their art books in school. Whether its your poetry, your fiction or your paintings or whatever. And the crazy thing is…is that this is really only level one. There’s a bigger reason as to why you do what you do. And you use The Sweet Spot or you use an erotic poem or you use red paint to help that deeper mission.

Ainsley, I don’t have enough words to praise you. I really don’t. This letter doesn’t do justice to all that you’ve done for me. I simply stand in awe of you. I am so grateful for you. I cherish our friendship. I love that we get to work together on so many projects. I look up to you. All I want to do is honor you, support you and help any and all things you’re about. I hold you in the highest regard.

There is absolutely no fucking way I could be the Sheena I am today without the direct affect of you on my life. Hands down. It just wouldn’t be possible. And for that, you have me. You, Burrows Inc, The Sweet Spot Family…..all of you have my complete devotion, my resources, my ideas, my loyalty and my love.

You’re one of my favorite friends Ainsley. I completely adore you. You’re one of the best people that I know. You inspire me. I love every conversation. I love that when you aren’t traveling, you and Laurielle tend to “kidnap” me for an entire weekend of celebrating, living and fun. I love that you have let me into your world and broaden the scope of my own.

Thank you for taking each of my dreams and sprinkling them with your sweet wildness and dark magic and then making them a reality, a truth, a given, and a special place to live fully in my power. You matter so much to me.


#32LoveLetters -

#32LoveLetters is a 32 day blog post challenge leading up to my 32nd birthday, I am writing letters to the people in my life who contributed to me becoming fully myself as a Wild Magical Woman.  If someone were to write a biography about me…which they will, it’s imperative that chapters are focused on these 32 people. They have had a profound, lasting and influential effect on my life. I can not tell my own story without telling you of theirs. 


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Sheena LaShay is a Wild Magical Woman, Intellectual Sensual Shaman and Cultural Provocateur. Keeping it simple, you could say she's a Writer and an Erotic Artist.
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