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"Openly Dating Multiple People" -

“In the book store and I see this book called The Ethical Slut. It’s about creating and navigating polyamorous relationships for singles and couples. I read a few pages and I’m like I could save folks $16.99 in exchange for 2 hours because it says pretty much everything Sheena said in her video.”

On Saturday, August 27 at 3pm est I went live on Facebook with a broadcast titled “Openly Dating Multiple People.” It’s something I’ve been doing since 2005 when I entered the real world. No one gave me any tips on dating and therefore, I made up my own rules as I went along in ways that were authentic to me. This has lead to over 10 years of experience in monogamous relationships, open committed relationships, poly exploration and the ability to openly date multiple people.

The challenge I find is that others are either not used to it, don’t know how to date in general or are still navigating their way around balancing multiple lovers. Some of those facing those challenges are even my own lovers. In an effort to help, I spoke for nearly two hours sharing my personal anecdotes, tips and even answering questions.

The biggest takeaway is COMMUNICATION.



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Sheena LaShay is a Wild Magical Woman, Intellectual Sensual Shaman and Cultural Provocateur. Keeping it simple, you could say she's a Writer and an Erotic Artist.
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