Tools for Taking Your Sex to the Next Level

I recently set down with the hosts of TK in the AM to discuss tools, tips and techniques for taking your sex game to the next level and we had a whole lot of fun discussing a lot of things.

I initially met Keisha and Conscious a few years back at a house party that rocked my world, only to learn later that they had an amazing radio show and I knew one day, I was going to be a part of it. I was further convinced after seeing the content they produce on various social media platforms and after seeing Keisha speak at Alex Hardy’s, Colored Boy and Friends: Mental Health Awareness Edition” event in May of 2016.

So we fast forward to this year and I get a yummy email requesting my presence to speak on, “Sirens, Wolves, Sex Positivity and Intimacy.” And cue below…..

We covered many topics beyond those three things, so check out TK’s run down of the show, TKAM #644: Next Level Sex Game with @SheenaLaShay.

“TK and Cons learn about intimacy, sex, and more with Sensual Shaman, Sheena LaShay Young to the show right on-time for Valentine’s Day.


  • 00:SONG: Al Jarreau – Moonlighting
  • 3:22 INTRO: TK and Cons recap their adventure weekend and welcome guest, Sensual Shaman, Sheena LaShay Young to the show right on-time for V-day.
  • 13:55 Power Hour Song of The Day: Jamiroquai – Cloud 9
  • 18:08 #NewsYouCanUse: Who is illegal? / I.C.E Agents sweep the country as per D. Trumps Executive Orders.
  • 38:17 SONG: Prince – Raspberry Beret
  • 41:30 #Discussion: @SheenaLaShay talks us through the self work and partner work that needs to be done to achieve optimal intimacy.
  • 57:10 SONG:
  • 60:06 Chatroom Check-in: The chatroom is ready and motivated to level up their love lives.
  • 63:40 #Discussion: @SheenaLaShay gives tips on how to go the extra mile this Valentine’s day and more.
  • 71:06 SONG: Torchered Soul – U Live 2 Far Away
  • 75:45 FINAL THOUGHTS: #motivationMonday sentiments from TK, Cons, and Sheena! Also, we decide to have an after show party on FB live!

We were really feeling the vibe so we hopped on Facebook Live and Instagram Live to film an after party too!

As a quick aside, before we get into resources and things I referenced, if you’re looking for simple yet intentional gift ideas there are two articles I wrote. “13 Gift Ideas That May Blow His Mind” and “Gifts Ideas for His Heart.” And if you’re my facebook friend, you can also check out my “Gifts for Sexually Liberated Women.”

“We have to be intentional about feeding [nurturing] all the areas of your life. To be intentional, present and mindful, it takes work. Its easy to live a passive life but I’m kind of past that.” – Sheena LaShay

To aid in your experience of the show, I wanted to share a bit more with you!

One of the first things we covered was basically how NOT to go crazy while parts of the world are going crazy, such as what’s happening politically in America. My overall note was to work on finding the balance in your life by nurturing all the major life areas.

My Book Recommendations:

“Whats a ‘woo woo’ thing and what’s a Sheena real thing?” – TK

Sexual, Erotic and Sensual Companies I Love

The next thing we discussed was “the woo woo” versus “the real thing.” Be sure to listen in to understand why I take issue with the “woo woo” application of using yoni eggs. Be that as it may, I also mentioned that I used yoni eggs, benwa balls and luna beads among many other products for my erotic and pleasure wellbeing.  These are some of my favorites.

  • The Goddess Box – I use this company to purchase most of my yoni eggs. My two favorites are rose quartz and black obsidian.
  • Lelo – I use this company to purchase my Luna Beads and a few other yummy items.
  • Pure Romance – For almost all my other pleasure product needs, my go to source is Pure Romance by Daphne!
  • Crave – While their vibrators are awesome, I personally like their pleasure jewelry that is fashionable and sensually functional.
  • Erica M. – For sexy lingerie, just go here.
  • Nubian Skin – For those with melanin, there is this line!
  • Bodybinds – Paired perfectly with Erica M. or Nubian Skin is also Bodybinds, a bondage coutour lingerie line of which I personally have about five sets!

Special Consideration for the Men. Thank me later –> Tenga Egg – Lovers

“I have been looking for black people in Scientology” – TK

The Path and The Cult

Leading up to our conversation on ways to explore erotic and sensual energy without engaging in sexual touch, TK mentioned the tv show, The Path of which we both are apparently obsessed with. Going off our initial topic, I did mention that I was raised in a cult and kicked out at 14. For more clarity on that part of my story, please check out.

With all this being said, if you didn’t know, you now know more of my story. I was sexually abused for seven years of my life and have spent the rest of my life, post being kicked out of the cult, reclaiming myself and living my life to the fullest. As TK said, “I went ROUGE!” So, to guide you on some of my story, check out the articles linked below as I’ve been blogging about my journey to healing since 2004.

There are a few tabs that may make reading easier such as “Sexual Abuse” or “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”  I am also a speaker of RAINN and an advocate for sexual abuse awareness. Learn more about my efforts by clicking here. I even once did a sensual and emotional pole dance called “Pole for the 1 in 6: The First Offense.”

Additional Articles Mentioned on The Show

Books I Love on Sexuality, Eroticism, Sensuality and/or Pleasure

Sheena’s Philosophy of Dating, Sex and Intimacy

In our podcast, I also spoke about sensual movement and erotic dance. I have been a pole dancer for seven years now and most of my experiences have been through Sheila Kelley S Factor. I have dozens and dozens of post chronicling my experience as a dancer. Articles such as “Triggered by Trauma,” “Triggered by Truth and Love,” ‘The Bitch. The Widow & The Housewife,” “Adjusting for Decency” and “Spiritual Eroticism.” . You can read all of my S Factor pole dancing posts by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you so much for having my TK in the AM!

Tools for Taking Your Sex to the Next Level

What are ways that you explore intimacy in your relationships? Also what was your favorite part of the radio show? I have a couple. Can you guess?

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Sheena LaShay is a Wild Magical Woman, Intellectual Sensual Shaman and Cultural Provocateur. Keeping it simple, you could say she's a Writer and an Erotic Artist.

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