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First published in 2004, includes a collection of lifestyle blogs focusing on sensuality, mindfulness, creativity, self-awareness, eroticism and exploration.  Using pleasure, expression, and movement with a sense of adventure, I  write about personal growth, empowerment and the importance of presence as a way to live your most authentic life.

Sociology of Sheena

“Sociology of Sheena” is a lifestyle blog chronicling my journey from depression and suicidal thoughts to a life of empowerment. Through introspection and self-awareness, I  share my journey of healing and transformation. Core topics include but are not limited to: Dating & RelationshipsDeathSexual AbuseSexuality & Sensuality and Spirituality. For starters, go read:

  • love and sex -
  • what you should absolutely know

The North Pole

The North Pole” is a pole dancing and fitness blog chronicling the journey of finding my true north, one pole at a time. Through sensual movement, aerial arts and erotic expression, I share my epiphanies through dance. Core topics include but are not limited to Pole Dance, Lap Dance, and Erotic Workshops. :  For starters, go read:

Cafe LaShay

Cafe LaShay” is a food blog showcasing my recipes, philosophies of feasting and foodie reviews. For starters, go read:

  • Little Neck – I love this nautical theme restaurant. It was perfect for a date night.
  • Sweet Revenge – This is one of my favorite brunch spots to take friends. They pair cupcakes with beers and wine!
  • House of Small Wonder – This is a perfect slice of Hipsterland heaven in Williamsburg, NY.
  • The Park – There were birds flying around us as we ate.


Upgrade Upon Arrival

Upgrade Upon Arrival” is a travel blog chronicling  my love of  business, luxury and adventure travel all around the world. First, go read my travel profile. I consider myself a Professional Bohemian.  Core topics include but are not limited to: Group Travel, Wanderlust Musings and Travel Vlogs. For starters, go read:


Artistic Liberties

Artistic Liberties is a creative blog chronicling my life as a creative artist, production stage manager and workshop leader as I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of art. Core topics include but are not limited to Theater & Performance, Stage Management, and Literature. For starters go read:

  • Shiva’s Muse interview series – In this series, I introduce you to creative artist around the world who use their various forms and mediums to express exactly who they are and what they believe.
  • Crafts + Cupcakes workshop series – Created in 2013, Crafts + Cupcakes is a DIY workshop series to encourage each guest to tap into their senses, imagination and creativity as they create new and unique items and ideas. We use crafts as a vehicle to further self-reflection, thoughtfulness, fun and community.
  • Art Journal All Year – an incomplete series of a journal challenge I tried once.

  • Crafts Cupcakes Workshop -

Granola Tendencies

“Granola Tendencies” is a sustainability green blog sharing the journey of how a city dweller (me) found a way to become one with the trees without actually hugging them. Core topics include but are not limited to: DIY & Homemade, Organic & Natural, and Sustainability. For starters, go read:

  • DIY Sharpie Mugs – I share my insider tips that I learned after hosting a Crafts + Cupcakes DIY workshop.
  • DIY Moisturizing Hair Mist Recipe – I have no idea why this video has over 48,000 views but that’s awesome. I need to update the recipe however.
  • When Love Isn’t Green – Listen. Its hard being a granola when you’re significant other isn’t one. Sigh.

And there you have it. A quick snapshot of 12 years of blogging split between six different blogs. Please feel free to use my blogs as a FREE resource for life advice, business tips, healing techniques, recipes and more!

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