"NYC Boudoir Photography by Sheena LaShay"

"Necessary Lightness by Sheena LaShay"

Relevant Blog Post: Necessary Lightness, Pt. 2 

Project Description

Boudoir. Beauty. Glamour. Sensuality. Light. Natural. Classic. In collaborating with my model, Fire Artist Amber Ravenbane, I wanted to create a classic, light and beautiful style to the shoot. I kept thinking of sensuality, beauty, feminine, grace and glamour. I wanted to show the subtle power in being present and owning yourself. It doesn’t matter your body type. It doesn’t matter your height, your hair length or color. Every woman is full of magic, spirit and the utmost divine feminine energy. We manifest in many ways. “Necessary Lightness” was a display of the classic and graceful Siren that emerges. What kind of Siren are you?


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